15 Best Marshall Mathers LP Lyrics

The Marshall Mathers LP is full of clever and comedic lyrics, not only about Eminem's superior skills but also about society, boy bands, drugs and whatever else Eminem could conjure up in that twisted, imaginative mind of his. Here are the best lyrics on The Marshall Mathers LP.

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"Remember Me"

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Lyric: "When I go out, I'm a go out shootin'/I don't mean when I die. I mean when I go out to the club, stupid."

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"The Way I Am"

Dr. Dre and Eminem
Eminem and Dr.Dre perform together at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. © Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Lyric: "At least have the decency in you / To leave me alone, when you freaks see me out / In the streets when I'm eating or feeding my daughter"

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Lyric: "But what's this sh-t you said about you like to cut your wrists too / I say that sh-t just clowning dog, come on, how f--ked up is you?"

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"Under the Influence"

Eminem. © Shady/Interscope

Lyric: "I'm like a mummy at night, fightin with bright lightning Frightened with five little white Vicadin pills bitin him"

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"The Way I Am"


Lyric: “I'm not Mr. N'Sync, I'm not what your friends think/I'm not Mr. Friendly, I can be a prick. ”

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"Marshall Mathers"

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Lyrics: "So tell me, what the hell is a fella to do? For every million I make, another relative sues / Family fightin and fussin over who wants to invite me to supper / All the sudden, I got 90 some cousins (Hey it's me!) A half-brother and sister who never seen me or even bothered to call me until they saw me on TV"

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"Who Knew"

Lyric: "I don't do black music, I don't do white music
I make fight music, for high school kids"

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"Kill You"

Lyric: ”They said I can't rap about being broke no more/They ain't say I can't rap about coke no more.”

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"I'm Back"


Lyric: "I used to give a f--k/Now I give a f--k less/What do I think of success? It sucks, too much stress."

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"Drug Ballad"

Lyric:"That's the sound of a bottle when it's hollow
When you swallow it all wallow and drown in your sorrow"

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Lyric: "This ain't Detroit, this is motherfu--ing Hamburger Hill! (Hill!)/We don't do drivebys, we park in front of houses and shoot"

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"The Way I Am"

Lyric: "I'm so sick and tired of being admired/That I wish that I would just die or get fired/ And dropped from my label, let's stop with the fables/I'm not gonna be able to top on "My Name is... "

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Lyric: "You can get capped after just having a cavity filled/That's why we're crowned the murder capital still"

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"I'm Back"

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Lyric: "I murder a rhyme one word at a time You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine You better, get rid of that nine, it ain't gonna help/ What good's it gonna do against a man that strangles himself?"

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"The Real Slim Shady"

Eminem's The Monster Video

Lyric: "I'm like a head trip to listen to, cause I'm only giving you
things you joke about with your friends inside your living room"