The Top 15 Memes About Love

Boston terrier with heart glasses on holding a box of chocolates and roses surrounded by rose petals

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Love is the universal language that draws us all together. Everyone understands love, but sometimes it can be tough to express it in the exact right way. That's where the useful shorthand of love memes come into the picture. If you're looking for a great love meme, we have a whole list of them to check out.

What Do Love Memes Mean?

There are two main types of love memes. The most straightforward type simply expresses love, and the other category takes a more sarcastic look at the subject matter.

The meaning of love memes can be complicated even further when other memes are included in the mix, since an understanding of the original meme may be required in order to fully understand the love meme.

How Are Love Memes Used?

Straightforward love memes are used to express love. Depending on the specific meme, it may be appropriate to share one on social media and tag your significant other or send one via a messaging app.

Other love memes can be used to get a laugh or to make a commentary on the subject of love, the user's distaste for public displays of affection, or other similar purposes.

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This Wouldn't Mean Much Coming From Some People...

I love you more than cupcakes meme with dog eating cupcake

But this little guy clearly loves cupcakes to an unreasonable degree.

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The Internet Loves You Too, Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat love meme

May you meme forever. 

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When You Realize You Forgot to Tell Bae You Love Them Today

Boston terrier swimming love meme

Cute doggo overload. Pull back.

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There Are Clearly Two Otters Not No Otters

Two otters kissing love meme 

What do you love them like, then? They are clearly an otter.

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There's Someone for Everyone

Cat sleeping on couch meme

For some of us, that someone is the arm of a couch. Don't judge.

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You Had Me at Hello

Elephant trunk on woman's face meme


But in all seriousness, I can't breath.

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This Is Why Senpai Never Notices You, Tako-chan

Octopus attacking diver meme

Never go full dere-dere.

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Grumpy Cat, You Were Doing So Well

Stevie Wonder and grumpy cat meme

Why won't you let us love you? 

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Maybe Everyone Wants to Be Loved

Moose running after cop meme

Just not like that. 

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You Forgot the Fifth Basic Need

Dwight from the office love meme

Reruns of The Office.

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That Doesn't Seem Like Much

Baby bunny rabbit love meme 

But the little guy is giving it his all, which has to count for something. 

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How Much Does Brick Actually Love Lamp?

Brick from Anchorman love meme 

This is clearly a question that doesn't get asked enough.

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That Clearly Isn't a Lamp

Two cats love meme 

Go to bed, cat. You're embarrassing everyone.

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Love Can Be in the Air Too, Sheldon

Sheldon from Big Bang Theory love meme 

There's a lot of room in the air, it's a very big place. 

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Hey, Thanks!

Cat on fence post love meme

You're not too shabby yourself.