What Are Jennifer Aniston's 10 Best Movies?

Jennifer Aniston

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When Jennifer Aniston appeared as Rachel on the sitcom Friends, Hollywood almost instantly began a love affair with her. She began her acting training at the New York School of Performing Arts and spent some time on the stages of New York before dabbling in television, which includes a small stint on the Ferris Bueller show in 1990. But it was her role as Rachel that brought her to the attention of fans, which launched her into a movie career

Here is a list of 10 of her best efforts as an actress in films:

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'The Good Girl' (2002)

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Jennifer Aniston plays Justine Last, a married woman who wants to start a family. Her husband mostly spends his days smoking pot. Justine begins an affair with a young man named Holden (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) to escape her life. However, the affair turns dangerous as Justine comes to understand she's made a mistake and fights her way back home.
This was to be Aniston’s break away from her comedic role on Friends. She pulled it off well and showed a serious side to her skills, however, her performance and the film weren't embraced by audiences or critics.

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'Derailed' (2005)

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In this film, Aniston plays Lucinda Harris, a mysterious woman who catches the eye of a handsome gentleman named Charles (Clive Owen). It begins with drinks and ends with the violent rape of Lucinda (not by Charles) in a hotel room. The couple then must deal with the demands of the thief who wants money for his silence, but not everything is as it seems.
Aniston is not the sweet Rachel from Friends in this twisted film. It’s a dark suspenseful thriller that is surprisingly unexpected from this actress.

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'Horrible Bosses' (2011)

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In her most outrageous comedic role, Aniston plays sex-crazed dentist, Dr. Julia Harris, who tries to blackmail her dental assistant (played by Charlie Day) into having sex with her. Aniston wore a brown wig in the film to distance her character from her other less crazy roles.

Aniston received a lot of critical praise for her portrayal of Dr. Harris. She played the character again in the 2014 sequel Horrible Bosses 2.

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'Rock Star' (2001)

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Aniston rocks out as Emily Poule, girlfriend of wanna-be rock star Chris Cole (Mark Wahlberg), in this inside look at rockers and tribute bands. Cole finally gets his chance at the big time, and Emily goes along for the ride. But as with all excess of fame, something has to give and it's Chris' relationship with Emily that suffers.
Although this is a small role for Aniston, it's well done. At that point in her career, she still had the wide-eyed innocence about her that worked for the part of Emily.

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'Along Came Polly' (2004)

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Ruben (Ben Stiller) is jilted on his honeymoon when he discovers his new wife cheating with a scuba instructor. Returning home he runs into his old classmate, Polly, and begins a relationship. Just a small problem: Ruben is a risk management worker and Polly is a risk he isn’t prepared for.
Aniston gets a chance to play a flaky-free-for-all character and she does it exceptionally well.

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'Cake' (2014)

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Cake is the only film that Aniston has received a Golden Globe nomination for (she won a Golden Globe in 2003 for Friends). The surprising role featured Aniston as a woman suffering from chronic pain and personal turmoil.

The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival with a lot of buzz--especially for Aniston's makeup-less performance--though it was not a box office success after only being released in a small number of theaters. Nonetheless, it is probably Aniston's most unique and brave role.

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'Marley and Me' (2008)

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Aniston plays Jennifer Grogan, a married lady whose husband gives her a dog named Marley as a means of slowing down her biological clock. Unfortunately, Marley never grows out of his puppy-like behavior, which makes for some incredibly challenging days for the Grogan clan.
Once again we see Aniston in a role that is both humorous and emotional. Owen Wilson plays her husband in the film, a newspaper reporter who winds up writing about the dog in his column. Aniston ends up having babies and raising a family. That might seem normal enough, however, Aniston, who has no children in real life, did a smashing job of making her frustrations look real enough.

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'Bruce Almighty' (2003)

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In her role as Grace Connelly, Aniston is up against funny man and physical comedian Jim Carrey as her partner, Bruce Nolan. Bruce is given the power of God by God (Morgan Freeman) and unfortunately uses it unwisely. Grace sees the changes ruining their relationship and makes the difficult decision to leave Bruce, even though she still loves him.
It’s tough enough to be a good comedic actress without having to share a film with one of the funniest comedic actors around, but Aniston is up to the challenge.

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'Love Happens' (2009)

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As Eloise Chandler, Aniston is a woman who's just ended a relationship and has thrown herself into work as the owner of a florist shop. That is until she meets the handsome Burke (Aaron Eckhart), a motivational speaker with problems of his own.

Although this is a romantic comedy, it's filled with serious emotional issues, and Aniston gives a smooth performance.

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'We're the Millers' (2013)

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Much of the marketing for We're the Millers focused on the fact that the always-beautiful Aniston was playing a stripper. While there is a memorable striptease scene featuring Aniston, most of the film is a hilarious comedy about a fake family smuggling drugs from Mexico.

The film reunited Aniston with her​ Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudeikis, and it ended up a major box office hit.