The Best Jeans for Your Body Type

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Find the Perfect Jeans for Your Shape

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Don't even think of buying jeans before you know the best style for your body type. Getty Images/Jae Rew

Jeans are an essential in every woman's wardrobe. But with jeans being so popular, there are so many different cuts and styles of denim on the market that shopping for your perfect pair can feel like an overwhelming exercise. If you're confused by all the choices out there, it's time to narrow down the options and get back to basics. Once you know which cuts and styles suit your body type, it's so much easier to shop for the jean that's perfect for you. We've got your essential guide to the best jeans for every body type, plus suggestions for the brands and styles you can shop.

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Best Jeans for an Hourglass Body

Levi's 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean
Levi Strauss & Co

If you're an hourglass, you have a full bust and curvy lower half, with a smaller waist. We love a bootcut or flare jean on you. This silhouette — which is fitted through the thighs and then flares out to wider hems starting at the knee — flatters you because the wider bottoms balance out your generous hips, while the snugger fit up top helps to show off your best assets. To flatter your womanly figure, you can shop for a bootcut or flare jean that's specifically designed to fit your curvy body type. Many designers offer curve-conscious styles, including features such as contour waistbands (which rise higher in the back, for better coverage), sturdy stitching, and plenty of stretch in the denim fabric, to smooth your body's lines and show off your sexy curves.

What to avoid: Stay away from jeans without stretch — you need it to help jeans follow your curves and avoid gapping at the waist. If you love the look of skinny jeans, go ahead and try them, but look for a style that's slim-fitting rather than skin-tight, and avoid any with whiskering or fading at the hips (which can widen your body visually).

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Best Jeans for a Pear Shape Body

NYDJ plus size Teresa Modern Trouser Jeans

Women with a pear shape figure will look great in jeans that elongate the legs and flatter a bottom-heavy build. If you're full through the hips, bottom and thighs, and smaller above the waist, choose a trouser jean to create a long, continuous line from hips to hems. This sophisticated jean is designed to mimic traditional trousers, with a broad waistband, a snug fit in the rear, seamed back pockets and wider legs, so it's easy to style for work, as well as for casual wear. If you're a pear who loves the look of skinny jeans, we suggest faking it with straight leg jeans. These jeans are cut to have a slim silhouette, which will look "skinnier" on a pear shape body.

What to avoid: Lighter denim washes draw attention to your larger lower body. Stick to slimming dark wash jeans instead. Also, keep an eye on back pocket size. Larger pockets flatter an ample behind, while smaller ones make your rear look bigger.

Learn more about how to choose jeans with back pockets that flatter your butt shape.

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Best Jeans for a Plus Size Body

Lucky Brand Plus-Size Emma Straight Leg Jean
Lucky Brand

If you're plus size, your perfect jeans help to balance your bountiful hips and behind and elongate legs, while skimming over your curves (as opposed to squeezing them). While you can easily wear bootcut and flare styles, we love a straight leg jean for you. The secret to this cut's figure flattery is the way it's designed to fall in a long, lean line down the body, skimming your shape without squashing your legs. The form-fitting cut of this jean still works to balances hips and thighs, for an overall slenderizing effect, especially when you choose a dark wash denim.

What to avoid: Cropped styles can make your legs look stumpy, so pay attention to pant length — you need jeans that skim the floor, to give your legs a longer look. When it comes to fit, avoid both low-rise jeans that give you a muffin top and high-waisted styles that can accentuate your belly. A classic, mid-rise style will work best for you.

Do you like a skinny jeans silhouette? Try these tips for wearing skinny jeans if you're plus-size.

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Best Jeans for a Boy Shape Body

True Religion Casey Super Skinny Jeans
True Religion

If you're a slim-hipped boy shape, you probably want jeans that play up your best assets and create a bit of a curvier silhouette. Many women with this body type have a flatter butt, too, and the right pair of jeans can help to boost your booty. You'll look best in skinny or super-skinny jeans that hug your body tightly, with super-tapered legs at the bottom, to fake shapely legs and create a curvier silhouette from top to bottom. You can also pull off skinny coated jeans, which have the appearance of trendy leather leggings, without the hefty price tag.

To amplify your behind, look for back pockets with flaps (such as most jeans from the Hudson Jeans brand), embellishments or decorative stitching to bring attention to this area. Pockets that sit higher on the butt — without extending down to tops of thighs — also give a visual lift to a flat or droopy bottom. See additional tips on how to choose the best jeans back pockets for your body.

What to avoid: If your body is straight up and down, stay away from styles with wider hems. Watch the rise, too — you'll want to shop for a lower rise jean to add curves to your hips and behind, and stay away from too-high waists that your body can get lost in.

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Best Jeans for a Tall Body

Hudson Supermodel-Length Skinny Jean
Hudson Jeans

When you're tall, the key is finding jeans with a long inseam that don't look like floods on you. Ideally, the hems of jeans should fall to the bottom of your heels in the back. Luckily for you, many denim designers now make jeans with a longer (up to 36") inseam.

As for what style works best, you can pull off just about any style. Our favorite denim cut for you may be a straight leg or bootcut jean that shows off your long stems while skimming over your legs without being too tight. You also look best in a mid-rise or low-rise fit, which adds a flattering curve effect to your hips and bottom.

What to avoid: You may want to skip super skinny denim styles, as well as relaxed boyfriends. A straight or bootcut silhouette is really the most flattering to bring attention to your long legs. If you wear cropped jeans in warmer weather, avoid ankle-length pairs -- these can look like you bought the wrong length of jean — and go for a mid-calf length.

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Best Jeans for a Petite Body Type

Lucky Brand Sweet N Straight Jeans
Lucky Brand

The perfect jeans for shorter women elongate the legs, giving you a longer, taller look whether you're a naturally slender, or a curvy petite body type. We like a straight leg jean for you. This style falls in a long, vertical line from hips to hems, which visually elongates your lower half. To maximize the effect, choose a darker wash denim, rather than faded out pastels and paler blues, which can make your lower half look stumpy. Make sure your jeans fit you snugly, too, as your petite frame gets easily lost in baggy styles. When in doubt, buy a pair that fits tightly, as most jeans give a bit over time.

What to avoid: While slim-fitting jeans are flattering on you, do stay away from skinny jeans or any style with super-tapered hems. Also avoid cropped jeans (cut at the ankle or above), which can make petite legs look even shorter.

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