The 8 Best It Memes

We all float down here

Pennywise the Clown Mural
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It memes are both hilarious and terrifying. Pennywise, the famous character from Stephen King's novel is almost always pictured, sometimes with scenes from the 2017 movie or 1990 miniseries. Pennywise beckoning you into the sewer is a favorite template. Other times, the meme superimposes the clown's face on someone else. In all cases, It memes are guaranteed to make you chuckle while also sending a chill down your spine.

What Do It Memes Mean?

It memes are often a play on other viral memes, featuring Pennywise. Even if you've never read the book or seen the movie, you've probably seen pictures of Pennywise and had some nightmares about him. Now you can have a nervous laugh about the scary clown.    

How Are It Memes Used?

Most often, It memes show Pennywise inviting someone into the sewer with gifts such as student loan forgiveness and Beyonce tickets. Pennywise has also made his way into viral memes, such as the distracted boyfriend meme.

Examples of It Memes

Example #1:
 Pennywise the Clown in the gutter
Text: I can make your student loans disappear
Meaning: This enticing offer could make people jump into the sewer with Pennywise.

Example #2:
 Pennywise as Tim Curry, and Bill Skarsgard
Text: If you can't handle me at my Tim Curry, you don't deserve me at my Bill Skarsgard.
Meaning: A take on the "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" meme. Curry played Pennywise in the It miniseries from 1990, while Skarsgard played the creepy clown in the 2017 movie version.

Example #3:
 Man holding hands with Tim Curry as Pennywise, staring at the Bill Skarsgard Pennywise
Text: When the new generation sees It
Meaning: A reimagining of the distracted boyfriend meme pits the two portrayals of Pennywise against each other.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the eight funniest It memes:

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Send Your Student Loans Down the Drain

Pennywise the clown's face in a sewer saying "I can make your student loans disappear" with image beneath of someone crawling into the gutter
Screenshot: Buzzfeed

No more student loans? This offer might be worth considering.

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Can You Handle Pennywise?

Picture of Pennywise as Tim Curry and as Bill Skarsgard with caption: "If you can't handle me at my Tim Curry, you don't deserve me at my Bill Skarsgard"

You've got to accept both portrayals of Pennywise or none at all.

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Pennywise Replaced?

Man holding hands with Tim Curry as Pennywise, staring at the Bill Skarsgard Pennywise with caption: When the new generation sees IT
Screenshot: Buzzfeed

The distracted boyfriend meme gets the It treatment. Which Pennywise will he choose?

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Pennywise vs. TMNT

First panel has drawing of Pennywise in the sewer saying "hello Georgie, we all float down here." Second panel features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles responding: "Not in our sewer!"

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not having It. 

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Hannibal's Taste in Clowns

Four panels with images of Hannibal Lector and Pennywise, captioned: I hate clowns. Why? They taste funny.

Proof that Hannibal Lector has a way with words. Maybe he should try It with fava beans?

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Maybe It's Maybelline?

Pennywise the clown putting on lipstick with caption: Maybelline Derry. Maybe he's born with it. Maybe he is IT.

Pennywise, the model, won't reveal the source of his beautiful red lips.

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What Would You Do For Beyonce Tickets?

Pennywise the clown's face in a gutter saying "I have Beyonce tickets" with image beneath of someone crawling into the sewer
Screenshot: Buzzfeed

The idea of following Pennywise into the sewer is terrifying unless you're part of the Beyhive. 

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What Does Pennywise Do in His Spare Time?

Photo of utility hole with smoke coming out with caption "we get it Pennywise you vape"

The Internet is full of memes about vaping, and this time the joke is on Pennywise.