The 5 Best 'I Miss You' Memes

Cats, Pigs, and Minions all Seem to be Missing Someone Close

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The I Miss You meme is one of the most popular memes found on the internet. Most memes are images with text, but some are text-based, with or without a small image. Many memes feature animals (cats are especially popular), or cartoon or movie characters. Just about every well-known meme character has one or more 'I Miss You' messages.

I Miss You, and other memes, express many sentiments, including missing someone, romantic overtures, long-lost friends, jokes, even implied threats, although in a joking manner.

The meme message format is easy to adapt to your needs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in these examples, create your own with one of the many meme generators, such as Imgflip, Meme Generator, and Quick Meme.

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'Grumpy Cat: I Miss You - Fix It'

Grumpy Cat misses you.

What We Like
  • Works best as a romantic or sentimental gesture.

What We Don't Like
  • A little nice for a Grumpy Cat meme.

Cats run the internet, and their queen is Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat is a real cat named Tardar Sauce that has feline dwarfism. It's this condition that makes Tardar look mad because she has an underbite that results in a pouty facial expression. Tardar isn’t really a grouch. By all accounts, she’s a warm, fun-loving, and friendly cat, but her face has launched a thousand memes and counting.

I Miss You - Fix It is just one of the Grumpy Cat I Miss You memes. It has several variations, including I Miss You - Make it Better, and Grumpy Cat Will Miss You.

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'Grumpy Cat: How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away'

I Miss You Grumpy Cat memee

What We Like
  • Works for friends, enemies, or friends that are about to become enemies.

What We Don't Like
  • Could cause some trouble if the recipient takes it the wrong way.

Grumpy Cat returns in the more familiar role of being sarcastic and witty here, all with a face that is just too sad. While How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away is a favorite, Grumpy Cat is full of jokes when it comes to people who aren’t worth the effort to miss. Her other work includes I'll Miss You - Naaaa Just Kidding, and If I Had a Dollar For Every Time I Thought About You - I Would Start Thinking About You.

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'I Miss You Pig Time'

Baby Pig misses you

What We Like
  • Baby pigs appeal to most people.

  • Pun is simple but effective.

What We Don't Like
  • Baby Pig is an older image.

This image may be an oldie, but the baby pig can’t help but make everyone smile. Baby pigs seem to show up in most top meme listings in some form or other, so it's not surprising that the piglet makes it into this list of favorite I Miss You memes.

I Miss You Pig Time is a smart play on words plus the cutest baby pig face since "Charlotte’s Web." Use this meme as a romantic or sentimental card to send to someone special who has a good sense of humor or who will like a baby pig.

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'Minions: I Would Miss You So Much'

Minions "I Miss You" Meme

What We Like
  • Minions go with everything.

What We Don't Like
  • Not everyone likes them.

  • Recipient may take joke the wrong way.

Leave it to the Minions to be sarcastic but to the point in this classic meme: If we were on a sinking ship, and there was only one life vest … I would miss you so much.

This meme started life in joke books. The line showed up in a few memes, usually depicting a tropical ocean scene. But with the Minions exploding into our consciousness in the 2010 movie "Despicable Me," it wasn't long before the old joke and the new Minions became inseparable.

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'I'll Never Miss You - Because We'll Always Be Together'

Overly Attached Girlfriend says We'll Always Be Together.

What We Like
  • Darkly humorous.

What We Don't Like
  • Might scare off new friends.

She's back: the Overly Attached Girlfriend. She first appeared on the scene in a 2012 YouTube video. It was an entry into a contest Justin Bieber started, looking for renditions of his song, "Boyfriend."

The lyrics the Girlfriend sang all had to do with being overly attached, and thus a never-ending supply of memes based on her issues was born.