10 of the Best 'I Crave That Mineral' Tumblr Goat Memes

A Roundup of the Salt-licking Goat Trend That Everyone Loved on Tumblr

"I Crave That Mineral" was one of the last big internet memes of 2014. If you were an active Tumblr user around that time (and maybe you still are an active user), then you may recall a certain goat meme that completely dominated the blogging platform.

The single Tumblr blog post that really started it all was posted by Tumblr user Sixpenceee around the end of October. A photo of a group of Alpine Ibexes climbing up a 90-degree mountainside to lick salt deposits is shown in the post, along with the source (to a Reddit/Imgur link) and a caption that reads: "They crave that mineral."

Well, that was all that had to be said before people across Tumblr joined forces and started circulating it, completely blowing it up with their own recreations and exaggerating it in every way possible, at every given opportunity. Everyone is ready and willing to climb 90-degree walls for the most ordinary (yet seemingly very addictive) things, apparently.

You can find all sorts of different variations of this meme by browsing the I Crave That Mineral tag on Tumblr. Here are 10 examples of just a few of the funniest and most creative memes.

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Don't Do Minerals, Kids

I Crave That Mineral
Photo from crave-that-mineral.tumblr.com

This meme was posted with the caption, "Don't do minerals, kids." It's a parody of the standard before and after photo comparison trend, suggesting that minerals are an addictive drug to goats.

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Les Minéral

Les Minéral
Photo from clavid-tennant.tumblr.com

Someone just badly Photoshopped a bunch of goat heads onto the characters of the poster for the 2012 film  and renamed it Les Minéral. Despite this one actually being grammatically incorrect in French, it's still hilarious. 

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I RAVE That Mineral

I Crave That Mineral
Photo from serfbort.tumblr.com

Some Tumblr users got pretty darn creative with the original salt deposit-licking goat photo that started this whole thing. This one makes it look like the goat is at a rave, with a caption that reads "I RAVE that mineral."

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You've Been Struck by a Smooth Mineral

Smooth Mineral
Photo from 9txs.tumblr.com

When we said Tumblr users have been taking every opportunity to work this "I crave that mineral" thing into literally everything, we meant it. Here you can see a photo of Michael Jackson with a goat Photoshopped over his head and the lyrics to his song Smooth Criminal replaced with the word "mineral" instead.

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A Poorly Recreated Version of the Original 'I Crave That Mineral' Post

Photo from lovelylovelyruthie.tumblr.com

Here a plastic toy goat is thrown on the floor beside a bag of table salt. Need we say more? The toy goat is even positioned so it looks like it's climbing up the bag of salt at a 90-degree angle — just like the original photo.

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That Feel When...

That Feel When
Photo from moonlightcas.tumblr.com

For those of you who aren't aware, "That feel when..." is basically a meme itself. This is like a combination of two memes in one, and the photo really says it all: the disappointed facial expression of a goat who has no mineral.

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My Strange Addiction

I Crave That Mineral
Photo from dancinlikeaho.tumblr.com

Have you ever seen the television show My Strange Addiction? A couple YouTube screenshots of a woman eating rocks and another eating sand are shown, with the very obvious caption in the Tumblr post: "They crave that mineral."

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'Crave that mineral' Themed Tumblr Valentine Card

Valentine Card
Photo from dcnkey.tumblr.com

Around Valentine's Day, these terribly designed Valentine cards with bad jokes written on them in Comic Sans start showing up all over Tumblr. This meme will probably be pretty old news by February, but it's funny enough for the time being.

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Sodium on the Periodic Table of Elements

Photo from the-might-glowcloud.tumblr.com

If you browse through a lot of these memes, you'll notice a lot of them focus on Photoshopping this goat onto various things at 90-degree angles. Here's one climbing up the element of sodium on the periodic table.

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'Crave That Mineral' Doge Meme

Photo from regretful-happy.tumblr.com

Doge was a huge meme that we saw explode in 2013, and for some reason, it still pops up every now and then. To close out this weird and ridiculous list of "I crave that mineral memes" here's one of the doge, complete with the shibu inu face and "wow" text captions placed randomly around the photo.