Best Honeymoon Sex Tips

Couple kissing at seaside
photos by Lucia Mauri/Moment/Getty Images

Your honeymoon should be all about sex. Yes, you should get to rest and relax after the wedding. And you can indulge in some good food and wine. An activity here or there wouldn't hurt either. But it should all lead to great sex, which should be priority No. 1 for the trip. Often, couples forget what the honeymoon really is about. Ok, so you probably have had sex before the wedding. That's all right.

It doesn't change the fact that you should have as much sex as possible on the honeymoon. After all, you may never get this kind of opportunity again, and the high from the wedding should keep you going. Here are some tips to make sure you have great honeymoon sex - and lots of it:

Pick the right destination.

Too often couples spend a fortune on their dream vacation - a safari in Africa, a wine tour of France, a month in far-flung Australia. Your honeymoon should not be your dream vacation because it puts too much pressure on you to maximize your time with activity and outings. You should pick a modest destination that has a place for you to lounge (a beach usually works, but you might prefer a ski lodge with a fireplace or a bed and breakfast with a cozy bed). It might be foreign but could even be closer to home. Be careful that it's not too close to home because you still want to feel some distance between you and work and any friends and family.

You love them, but the honeymoon is for you and your spouse. You really just need a decent hotel or resort, so that you can unwind and be intimate. Check out the most popular honeymoon destinations for ideas. 

Pack with love in mind.

Of course, you will need clothes for whenever you do venture out of your rooms.

A camera to photograph your outings for the ol' scrapbook will come in handy, too. But your luggage should also be filled with lingerie, lubricant, condoms, and whatever else you and your spouse need to get in the mood for love. If you like certain music to play while you're making love, bring the CD. Prefer a certain bubble bath when you're bathing together? Pack it. You get the idea.

Forget about schedules.

Many of us approach our vacations in the same way we do our jobs. We do research and make plans for tours and dinners and activities. That's fine when you're organizing the dream vacation for your 10th wedding anniversary. But for your honeymoon, you should forget about all that planning. You've probably already done enough planning for the wedding. And you should have lots of unscheduled time for walking, talking, lounging, and having sex, lots and lots of sex. If you're really lucky, you might even be able to have sex more than once in a day, which is something most of us don't do on a regular basis. Seize the moment and enjoy.

Share fantasies beforehand.

Talk to your spouse about any sexual fantasies you might have that could become reality on your honeymoon. Be realistic. If you know your spouse will be furious about the suggestion of a three-way, don't even bring that up.

But if you think she will be game to dress up like a nurse for you, then suggest it and ask her to bring along the costume.


Sex is best when you are not burdened by stress. So, bask in the memory of your wedding and the thoughts of the future with your beloved. Leave work behind. Focus only on one another. If spending the morning poolside will help you unwind for evening sex, then do it. Even though you have been advised to keep your schedule free, you can still make impromptu plans for a walk on the beach to take in a sunset, a romantic dinner at the resort's five-star restaurant, or an outing that will serve like a date day, all of which can spark romance and enhance the love making. The idea is for you to be completely stress-free, which will allow you to better worship each other's bodies.