Best Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes: 20 Flattering Cuts

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Long Face? Don't Go Too Long With Your Hair

Adrianne Palicki. Getty Images

If you've landed on this slideshow, you probably think you have a long face. Long faces are basically faces that are quite a bit longer than they are wide. With this face shape, there are haircuts that look good and hairstyles that look not so great on you. Use these guidelines when considering a hairstyle:

  1. The most flattering haircut ever on a long face shape is shoulder-length. It's the perfect length (somewhere between chin and shoulders), and it's super trendy, too. 
  2. Your goal is to create width.The very best way to do this is with waves, like those on Palicki.
  3. Consider getting bangs. Bangs make your face appear shorter because they cover up a particularly large forehead. You can wear anything from blunt bangs to long, side-swept bangs. 
  4. Your part matters. A lot. Your best bet is a side part, which makes your face appear wider. The trendy center part will make your face appear even longer than it is. Leave them to the square and round faces.
  5. Chin-length bobs are also ideal for you because they create the illusion of width.
  6. Long, straight hair is typically a no-no on a long face shape because it drags the face down. However, you can break this "no long hair" rule if you have ​waves or curls. A lot of ​body adds width to the sides of the face. 
  7. Consider the uber-trendy long bob, which is very flattering on a long face. The length is perfect. Ask your stylist for an "A-line Long Bob" where the back is about 1 1/2 inches shorter than the front. 
  8. If you like short hair, avoid short layers that add volume on top. Don't spike up your short hair. 

In this gallery, we show off 20 gorgeous hairstyles for women with long face shapes. You'll find a wealth of information.

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Shoulder-Length Hair Is Flattering on a Long Face

Asia Argento. Vittorio Zunino Celotto // Getty Images

You don't want to let your hair grow too long if you have a long face shape. Why? It makes your long face look extra long. Consider a shoulder-length hairstyle, such as this one on actress Asia Argento.

If you want long hair, cut it in long layers. The shortest layer should hit at your chin.

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A Lob With a Bit of Wave Is Gorgeous on a Long Face

Michele Placido; Violante Placido. Ernesto Ruscio for Getty

When it comes to haircuts, chin-length bobs, also known as lobs, are ideal because they create the illusion of width, and they're also on trend. 

The bob should end just below the jaw to show off bone structure. The best bobs are shorter in the back and angle down to the front.

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Want to Keep the Length? Just Add Bangs

Good bangs, bad bangs. Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images & Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Bangs can be your best friend because they can hide a big forehead. This photo is an example of good bangs and bad bangs. The bangs on the left are too puffy and curled under. The bangs on the right are super cool and modern.

The best bangs for a long face are brow-skimming, side-swept bangs or blunt bangs.

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If You Want to Go Long, This Is the Way to Do It

Suzanne Somers. Stephen Lovekin // Getty

This hairstyle has the best of all worlds to flatter a long face: side-swept bangs, lots of layers that start at the chin and it's not too long. If you're not sure, find out what face you have.

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Cover Up a High Forehead With Heavy Fringe

Naomi Campbell. Frederick M. Brown for Getty

If you have long hair and a high forehead, you can mask your forehead with fringe or blunt bangs.

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A Bob With Long-Swept Bangs is Great for Thick, Straight Hair

Dianna Agron. Kevin Winter // Getty Images

This is a great cut for any face shape, but we love it on a long face because it cuts in at a great angle on the face showing off bone structure. The long, side-swept bangs cover a large forehead -- just a gorgeous cut. Plus, we love how mussy it is.

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A Chin-Length Bob is Super Flattering

Nancy Pelosi. Alex Wong

This bob on Nancy Pelosi is nice (note the gorgeous highlights). It's blow-dried so it curls under. You can add bangs to hide a large forehead, too.

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The Curly "Fake Bob"

Rosario Dawson. Frazer Harrison // Getty Images

The fake bob, such as this one worn by Rosario Dawson is gorgeous on a long face. The waves add width to the side of the face. Also, pinning the hair under just at the chin shows off a long neck.

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The Shag Works Great on a Long Face

Arizona Muse. Tim Whitby for Getty Images

This haircut -- not short and not long -- is perfect for a long face shape. It's a simple cut that can be worn blown out or air-dried, so it has a bit of natural wave to it. Just ask your stylist to cut in choppy layers.

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Short and Curly Masks a Long Face

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

This is an incredibly flattering hairstyle on a long face because it adds width to the sides of the face.

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Long, With Bangs

Katherine McPhee's is perfect for her round face shape. Lester Cohen for Getty Images

Long hair on a long face is tricky. The long hair can elongate an already long face. If you must have long hair, add in long layers and bangs to downplay a large forehead. This look on Katharine McPhee (here she is with her trademark brown hair) is great for a long face. The bangs really help visually shorten the length of the face.

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Bad Hairstyle for a Long Face: Super Long, Super Straight

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

This is an incredibly unflattering hairstyle on long faces. If Rachel Bilson had a long face and this hairstyle, she'd look like a horse. Don't let your hair grow too long without at least cutting some bangs. You don't want to look like you have curtains on either side of your head.

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Don't Want to Sacrifice Length? Add Width With Curls

Jennifer Garner. Jason Kempin // Getty Images

If you love long locks but have a long face, then curl your hair. The body adds width. Spritz hair with setting spray and wind sections of hair around the barrel of a medium-sized curling iron.

If you have naturally curly hair, let it go natural. You can tame the curls by winding them around a curling iron.

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Long Face and Long Hair? Just Add Bangs

Reese Witherspoon. Alberto E. Rodriguez // Getty Images

If you have a long face and want to keep your hair long, balance out the length with bangs. Side-swept bangs such as these on Reese Witherspoon keep hair from weighing your face down further.

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The Most Flattering Length on All Face Shapes: Shoulder-Length

Alexandra Golovanoff. Francois Durand for Getty

No matter your face shape, a shoulder-length cut such as this one will look flattering. Long face shapes look best when hair is kept above the shoulders. However, as long as you have some wave in it, you can wear it longer.

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Curly Hair Looks Great on Women With Long Face Shapes

Salma Hayek. Francois Durand for Getty

The secret to curly hair on a long face is to not let hair grow too long or it will weigh down your face. This cut is very flattering on a long face.

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A Great Hairstyle for Straight, Thin Hair

Linda Fargo. Ilya S. Savenok for Getty

If you have stick-straight hair that's also thin, this is a great hairstyle for you. What makes this work: It's sleek, sophisticated and short. You don't need loads of hair to get away with this look. You don't want to go too long if you have a long face.

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Two Hairstyles: One Is Good on a Long Face, the Other Is Terrible

Pink the singer. Getty Images

Can you guess which of these hairstyles modeled by the singer Pink is perfect for a long face, and which one will make your long face appear even longer?

The photo on the left, a very trendy pompadour, works on other face shapes beautifully but will elongate a long face even more. The hairstyle on the right, however, is absolutely perfect for a long face. The long, side-swept bangs hide a large forehead.

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Karlie Kloss's Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Karlie Kloss. Getty Images

Karlie Kloss shows off her perfect "​babylights" hair color here on her medium length hair. Kloss is one of the originators of this hair color, along with actress Rosamund Pike. 

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Another Long Bob, This One Wavy

Rose Byrne. Getty Images

This is another gorgeous hairstyle for a long face.

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Two Versions of a Great Hairstyle on a Long Face

Olivia Newton-John. Getty Images

These two cuts on Olivia Newton-John work so beautifully on a long face, and they show how you can style a cut two different ways. 

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A Gorgeous Long Bob

Model Jourdan Dunn. Samir Hussein for Getty Images

This is another gorgeous lob

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Curly is Good


By now, you are aware that curled hair is great on a long face. Here's a gorgeous hairstyle on Emma Stone, who is famous for having the best hairstyles ever.

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Bangs on a Bob

short hair with bangs both mussy and sleek. Getty Images

Both of these haircuts are good options, particularly the mussy bob with blunt bangs on the left.