The Best Free e-Books for Business

27 of The Best Free e-Books on Marketing, Lifestyle Design & More

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What is an e-book? Is it really just a sales tool, to fill with affiliate links and send out to every email address you can find? What happened to putting value into these electronic publications? In protest to the thousands of useless, ugly and pirated e-books I’ve put this list together of real e-books that offer real value. Oh yeah, and they’re all free.

Now of course, the purpose of these books is to build relationships, inform and establish the authors as experts - they are free after all. Each book has been carefully chosen to avoid blatant sales pitches and each offers valuable information on each topic.

Linked titles go directly to the pdf download. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read these files. It’s a free program.

The Five Buck eBook

Master-Attention-Getter, Jim Kukral, published this great e-book, The Five Buck eBook, with the slogan: 100+ Ways To Save Money Using

Yes, But...

Chic Thompson is one of the brightest minds in the world of innovation. If you're looking for a keynote speaker on innovation, there are none better. His e-book, "Yes, But..." is a classic or how to bullet-proof your idea from the nay sayers. Learn how to "Nay-Say Proof" your idea

279 Days to Overnight Success

Chris Guillebeau offers some solid and entertaining advice in 279 Days to Overnight Success. Begin the business you have been dreaming of, and enjoy life more by working less.

Hang On!

Ann Holman of Ann Holman Company provides 6 books to our set: Hang On! is a breakdown of 35 words that have implications in life and in work. More than half the source words were provided to her via Twitter.

The Zero Hour Workweek

Well, I guess this one is free. Author Jonathan Mead invites visitors to “Steal My Free e-Book” The Zero Hour Workweek is a 60 page story of the author and six other people who have broken the 9-5 mold and now live life how they want to.

50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using

This short (just 6 pages) and to the point e-book highlights 50 great ides. 50 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics You Should Be Using It does have a few affiliate links (of the authors) and I decided to include this because of the quality of the ideas.

The Bootstrapper's Bible, and 11 More by Seth Godin

The Bootstrapper's Bible is Seths favorite, by his own admission. The prolific (13 books in print, by my count) and talented Godin wrote this manifesto in 2004 and remains extremely current today. Seth is a bestselling author and entrepreneur.

Here are some other great e-books by Godin.

Set of 35+ Free Guides from MakeUseOf

In a successful attempt to one-up everyone else, tech site MakeUseOf has published a set of more than 35 guides (or e-Books) with the social cost of a single Facebook "like". Check out the full set of MakeUseOf guides.