Fine Jewelry Blogs

Jewelry Industry Insiders You Should Be Following

Jewelry blogs are an excellent resource for those of us that want to stay up to date with the latest jewelry trends but don't have the time to sift through various news channels and websites. Quality jewelry bloggers do all the legwork for us and offer us daily updates whether through their blog or social media accounts.

I have some very specific credentials when it comes to ranking high on my list of great jewelry blogs:

  • Has to have beautiful jewelry pictures 
  • Has to be updated on a regular basis
  • Blogger has to be very knowledgeable but also approachable and entertaining
  • Must have an appealing and updated interface to make browsing via iPad, PC, or mobile enjoyable

Danielle from Gem Gossip

Top Jewelry Blogger, Danielle from Gem Gossip
Gem Gossip

In its sixth year, Gem Gossip has quickly become the industry's most popular jewelry blog.   The blog makes fine jewelry very approachable with series like "Jewels at my Doorstep,"  which combines fabulous jewelry with nature and Danielle, the beauty and brains behind Gem Gossip. 

While reading the blog, you feel as though you get to know Danielle.  Her passion is sincere and inspiring. Gem Gossip loves to highlight up-and-coming designers with the "Designer Spotlight" as well as highlight impeccably curated antique jewelry.  Gem Gossip also posts regularly to their Instagram, which makes finding new jewelry designers and antique jewelry dealers effortless. 

Becky from Diamonds in the Library

Top Fine Jewelry Blog, Diamonds in the Library
Diamonds in the Library

Diamond in the Library is a blog with an eclectic mix of gorgeous modern gems, timeless antique pieces, and literature.  Becky's personal adventures and breakdowns of the jewelry she loves are not only entertaining to read but also very thorough.  Hop from her blog over to her Pinterest boards and be entertained for hours. 


Top Fine Jewelry Blog, Gemologue

This is the blog for those love jet-setters.  Previously known as Gem-a-Porter, the blog changed its name to Gemologue, which celebrates a dialog of gems. Of these five sites, Liza's blog is the most like a fashion industry blog, incorporating gorgeous fine jewelry flawlessly with street style photographs.  

It has a modern magazine style layout which has articles and pictures from all over the world.   This blog ties together the latest fashion trends with the latest fine jewelry trends quite nicely.

Ageless Heirlooms

How to Sell Antique Jewelry Online
Ageless Heirlooms

Ageless Heirlooms is a retail shop turned blog that was established in 2006. If antique jewelry intrigues you, be sure to check out this site. The blog is filled with FAQs and galleries dedicated to fine jewelry of the past. Series include Notable Heirlooms, Etsy Finds, Featured Dealers and more. 

Natalie from Jewels du Jour

Top Fine Jewelry Blog, Jewels du Jour
Jewels du Jour

Jewels du Jour's layout has a very sophisticated feel and features daily jewelry updates.  Natalie keeps the blog very well organized and makes it a great resource for jewelry auction highlights and jewelry news.  There are a lot of important museum exhibits, and collector pieces highlighted also.  The photography is always very clean and sharp, allowing the jewelry to take center stage.