23 Winter Outfits With a Faux Fur Coat

Street style in pink faux fur coat
Faux fur is your fashion friend this winter. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

What could be more cozy and trendy for winter style than a soft and cuddly faux fur coat? Whether you've always wanted a sophisticated faux fur coat that looks just like the real deal, or you gravitate more to fun fur fashion jackets designed in bold colors and prints, you've got plenty of choices from the fashion retailers this winter.

Once you've bought your perfect faux fur coat, you're going to need some ideas to work it into your wardrobe. We've rounded up our favorite faux fur coat outfits from street style fashion, to give you lots of inspiration to wear a faux fur coat to look your fiercest and most fabulous this winter.

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No Cold Shoulders

Street style in fur trimmed winter coat
Furry shoulders add major style to a slim winter coat. Timur Emek/Getty Images

A sleek winter coat accented with fun fur on the shoulders is a super chic approach to staying warm and cozy when the temperature dips. We adore the matching furry pom pom key chain used as a purse charm in this enviable street style fashion look, too.

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Spot the Difference

Woman in fur coat and dress
Wear a furry coat over a simple shirt dress for the office this winter. Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Here's a great example of how a stand-out faux fur coat can be the hero of your wardrobe this winter, making everything you wear with it look more special. A pictured here, an exotic animal print coat adds major fashion fierceness to a simple shirt dress for the office. Wear this look with a quality leather tote and classic pumps for workday chic, then switch in a fancy clutch and glitzy sandals to take your daytime look into evening.

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Full Length Faux Fur Coat

Street style in full length faux fur coat
Versatile for winter - the full length faux fur coat. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

For the ultimate in sophistication and warmth, choose a full length faux fur winter coat as your go-to top layer for the season. As pictured here, you can wear a long fur coat over skirt and sweater looks for the office, but it will also look chic over fancy dresses for New Year's Eve and other special occasions this winter.

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Fun Fur Trim

Street style in fur coat and plaid skirt
Fur trim adds style to a cropped jacket outfit. Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

The winter blues meet their match in this jacket adorned with blue faux fur trim. A cropped suede jacket gets a fun, fashionable update with the addition of faux fur shoulder pads and piping along the seams.

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Pink Sasquatch Coat

Woman in pink faux fur coat and dress
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images 

Wear a yeti-style faux fur coat over a chic sheath dress, to instantly add fashion cred to your office outfits, when you're going out after work without time for stopping home to change. A shaggy pink coat is fashionable, and announces that you don't take yourself too seriously.

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Leopard Print

Woman in leopard coat and jeans
Gotham/Getty Images 

The leopard print coat is this year's most wanted layering piece. Wear one as pictured here, with your most basic weekend t-shirt and jeans outfits, to look instantly dressed up for brunch, shopping, or coffee meet-ups.

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Add Fashion Flair With Furry Shoes

Street style pink jacket and furry shoes
Furry shoes add whimsy to your fashion looks. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Slay, queen! Why not take fashion inspiration from this street style fashion photo and live every day to your fiercest. We're in awe of how a pair of pink, high heel furry shoes makes a simple outfit of a winter jacket and cut-off denim skirt look utterly sophisticated and expensive. You don't even have to love heels to steal this fashion idea — a pair of faux fur slides in an eye-catching color would be just as fabulous for dressing up your basic looks.

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Wear Fur With Lace

Lace pants and fur jacket
Wear a faux fur coat with lace this winter. Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

Can you wear lace in the winter? The answer is absolutely yes! The key to look seasonally appropriate in lace when it's cold outside is to choose pieces in rich, saturated colors that look seasonally on-point, such as the emerald green pants and tunic pictured here. (A long lace skirt or dress in deep green, burgundy, or navy blue would also work well in winter). Topping it all off, adding cozy warmth, and tying this stylish winter outfit together — a versatile, shaggy, black faux fur coat.

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Black, White, and Chic All Over

Woman in white fur coat and black pants
Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Dressing in black and white for winter conveys a sophisticated vibe that makes you look instantly more dressed up. Here, a fluffy white fur coat adds freshness and cozy warmth to wide leg black pants and strappy sandals worn over tights.

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Show Your Stripes

Striped fur coat and leather pants
Wear a shaggy striped faux fur jacket over leather leggings. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

We love the way a shaggy, striped faux fur jacket adds an even more luxurious feel to this already expensive-looking outfit of skinny vinyl trousers, a designer t-shirt, and cherry red stiletto pumps. You could layer this plush, short winter coat over just about any outfit in your closet to look instantly more dressed up for going out.

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Statement Sleeves

Street style woman in coat with fur sleeves
Faux fur sleeves add something special to your winter outfits. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

The statement sleeve trend in fashion continues to be hugely popular, and here's a fantastic way to wear this trend through the winter months. A work-ready brocade jacket is made suddenly special with the addition of faux fur sleeves in exotic leopard print. Check out the matching leopard print high heels, too — so fierce! We love the sophisticated palette of this winter work outfit, which blends mustard yellow with emerald green, balanced by black elements.

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Athleisure Outfit With Faux Fur

Street style track pants and fur coat
Wear fur over athleisure separates for chic casual style. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Once upon a time, women would only wear track pants to the gym. Those days are gone, as the athleisure trend has made wearing exercise clothes a newly fashionable option for work, rest, and play alike. Here's an example of how surprisingly chic track pants can look for daytime wear, when they're matched with a sophisticated, two-tone faux fur jacket and a bright leather clutch.

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Add a Faux Fur Purse

Street style feather skirt and fur strap purse
A fur purse introduces fun texture to your winter outfits. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Want to add cheekiness to your dressed up outfits this season? Try throwing a faux fur purse into the mix. Once the province of the teenage set, today the furry purse is a couture-approved accessory and there are plenty of designer (and knock-off) versions to choose from, in a wide range of price points. Here, an exotic animal skin purse gets a trendy upgrade from design house Miu Miu, with the addition of a multi-color faux fur strap. (We love the other fun touches in this street style outfit, too, from the silly sunglasses to the outrageous, high fashion feathered mini skirt).

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Fur Jacket and Pleated Skirt

Woman in fur jacket and pleated skirt
Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

Wear that pleated midi skirt in your closet for fall and winter fashion, by adding a cozy faux fur jacket. Wear this classy outfit everywhere from the office, to dinner dates, and shopping with the girls, by changing up your accessories.

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Easy Being Green

Street style woman in green outfit
It's so easy being green. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Stand out from the street style crowd this winter by taking an attention-grabbing approach to monotone dressing. While everyone around you is dressed in layers of black, brown, and beige, you'll be turning heads in an emerald green faux fur coat and matching tone-on-tone separates (plus an ultra-fabulous matching purse). This look is super fierce and only for the confident, for sure, but we hope it will inspire you to try out colorful faux fur as a fashionable winter coat option this winter.

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Indigo Girl

Street style blue fur coat and purple pants
An indigo faux fur coat makes the winter blues chic. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Faux fur can look sophisticated or casually youthful, depending on the color palette and design, but also what you choose to wear it with. Here, a thick, shaggy faux fur winter coat in rich indigo blue is a wonderfully fun match for eggplant trousers, snakeskin boots and a woolen winter hat. Wear this look on weekends to be the most stylish one at brunch, or at the antiques market.

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Back in Black

Woman in black faux fur coat and black vinyl leggings
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images 

Look classy for cold weather days in a shaggy black faux fur coat, worn over slinky black leatherette leggings. White high heels — or trendy white ankle boots — are the perfect finishing touch to this street style outfit.

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Paint the Town Red

Street style in red faux fur coat
Fierce street style in a red faux fur coat. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

A red faux fur coat makes a huge fashion impact. Stand out in a crowd this winter when you layer a full length, faux fur winter coat over all your outfits, from sleek black separates (as pictured here) to dresses, jeans and atheleisure looks.

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Patterned Fur Coat

Faux fur coat with stars and jeans
Wear a printed faux fur coat over jeans for chic casual style this winter. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Many women prefer faux fur to real fur for cruelty-free reasons, but there are other reasons to love it, too. Besides being less expensive, faux fur can also be designed with awesome prints and patterns not found in nature. Here, a sleek black faux fur jacket is adorned with a fun star pattern. It's the perfect, casually chic winter coat to wear over skinny jeans and boots this winter.

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Transitional Style

Woman in floral dress and faux fur coat
Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

Want to get more wear out of floral dresses? Wear your favorite

summer dresses on colder days, by layering on a cozy faux fur jacket to seal in warmth.

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Electric Yellow Coat

Street style in yellow faux fur coat
A bright faux fur coat adds fun to winter looks. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Light up a gray winter's day when you step out in a seriously bright fun fur coat, as pictured here. This is a great top layer to keep you warm (and looking trendy) on your trips to and from the gym, on casual weekends, or for getting together with friends.

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Chic Fur Collar

Street style jacket with fur collar
Add a furry collar to your blazers for winter style. Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

Want to dress up your standard blazer and trousers office outfit this winter? You'll look ultra sophisticated for client meetings — or cocktails with the executive set — when you add an inexpensive (but rich-looking) faux fur collar to your usual work jackets, as pictured here.

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Silvery Fur Coat

Street style in faux fur coat and animal print pants
Fierce street style in faux fur coat and animal print pants. Timur Emek/Getty Images

A faux fur coat in silvery shades adds sophistication to whatever you choose to wear beneath it. In this inspirational street style outfit, a beautiful three-quarter length silver faux fox fur coat adds elegance to fierce flared trousers in an attention-grabbing animal print.