Best Eagles Country Songs

While the Eagles evolved into a legitimate rock band, especially by the time they recorded "Hotel California" with its Don Felder and Joe Walsh dueling guitar parts, the band began as sort of country-rock hybrid, which was still a relatively new thing back in the early 70s when the band started out.

Even so, Glenn Frey was originally from Michigan, and Don Henley was the actual true Texan in the band. Nevertheless, Frey was a fine country singer and sang many of the Eagles' best songs like a cowboy. Texan Henley also, of course, cowboy-ed up to the microphone especially well.

Toward the end of the Eagles first run, before they got back together for some huge touring paydays, the group wrote and recorded rockers like "Heartache Tonight" and "Life in the Fast Lane," which -- while more rock & roll -- never completely hid the act's strong country roots.

With the untimely death of Frey, who is credited with helping to mastermind the Eagles' special sound -- particularly the Southern California act's wonderful vocal harmonies -- now's a good time to look back at the band's best songs -- particularly the more country ones.

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Peaceful Easy Feeling

Jorge isury

Jack Tempchin wrote this one. Frey sings lead, while Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon provide the song's lovely harmonies.

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Tequila Sunrise

The tequila sunrise in this lyric speaks of a strong drink. It's a song about romantic regret. Regret is a primary Eagles song theme, as well as being one of the most popular country song themes in general.

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Don Henley sings lead on this beautiful song. Yes, the Seinfeld folks made fun of it in one episode. But that doesn't take away from the simple, warm, encouraging empathy the track offers.

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Lyin' Eyes

Glenn Frey has said he was inspired to write this lyric while having dinner at the famous Dan Tana's restaurant in Hollywood. He was looking at all the young girls there hanging out with rock stars, knowing full well many of these pretty things would be returning home to older, wealthy men at the end of the evening.

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Already Gone

"Already Gone" is a relatively upbeat country song. The Eagles were never the 'pickin' 'n grinnin'' type, but they could still play really well.

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The Best Of My Love

Few bands were better at expressing regret than the Eagles (there's that theme again). "The Best Of My Love" where a man is looking back with sadness at a failed relationship. And even though the two didn't make it, he knows he gave her his best.

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One Of These Nights

With "One Of These Nights," the Eagles sang about another subject they knew well, which was the dark underbelly of the outwardly shiny Los Angeles culture.

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I Can't Tell You Why

This song was sung by the high-voiced, latter-day bassist/vocalist for the Eagles, Timothy B. Schmidt. It was hit song from the group's The Long Run album.

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Take It To The Limit

"Take It To The Limit" once again speaks to the way fast lane folks in Los Angeles pushed boundaries. "Take it to the limit, one more time," as the song says.​

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Take It Easy

"Take It Easy" was an early hit for the Eagles, and was written by Frey and pre-Eagles neighbor, Jackson Browne. It's likely the only famous reference to Winslow, Arizona in existence.

Eagles country

When the Eagles started out in the 70s, they were sometimes a little too rock for country radio. These days, though, they sure sound a lot more country than typical mainstream country radio. Weird how that happens over time.