Best Drugstore Buys: Hair Products

Stock up on these 10 classics (plus, they're not expensive!)

You don't have to buy all your products from a salon to look flawless. You can get great hairstyling and haircare products from your local drugstore or grocery store. So of the 1000s of products lining the beauty aisles, what's worth buying? Here's the scoop on what to stock up on your next visit to the drugstore...

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For years, Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioners have made the "best of" lists in magazines and on Websites. It's a classic best drugstore buy and perhaps the best shampoo and conditioner on the market for under $10. Choose yours based on several formulations for dry, oily, aging, damaged, colored and normal hair.  

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When it comes to drugstore hair color, you can't beat L'Oreal products. These work best if you are going a shade or two lighter or darker, or if you are trying to cover up stubborn gray hair.  

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When it comes to hair dryers, you want power, nozzle attachments, and temperature settings. The Conair Ionic Thermal Shine is the next best thing to a salon-grade dryer.

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My sister-in-law has enviable, wash-it-once-a-week hair and it turns out her best-kept secret in her beauty arsenal is this dry shampoo. She said a colleague who swears by it turned her on to the product.y it turned her on to the product.

She has good taste because Pssssst! is one of the most beloved drugstore brands among reviewers. It first entered the market in the 70s and is having a resurgence in popularity. Not only is the retro packaging cool, but the price is low and the finish — though a bit powdery — is pretty decent for a drugstore brand.

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Whoever invented the "Ouchless" ponytail holder has my highest regards. Not only do these not tear or pull at hair, but they come in a number of shades (including hair-toned hues) and they are cheap to boot. These beat standard hair elastics any day.

Now I'm a Bumble and Bumble fan when it comes to styling products, but if I had to use a drugstore volumizer, I'd buy Garnier's brand because it was an Allure Magazine reader's choice award winner. According to Allure, it pumps up hair without weighing it down or making it greasy and it smells like Jolly Ranchers.

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Any woman with curly hair knows a good de-frizzer is a must-have to keep hair in check. This is a tried-and-true serum that gets big kudos from the beauty mags.

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This gentle cleanser won't strip away your expensive blonde highlights and it protects hair from chlorine, which is found in tap water (yucch).

I have been a fan of Redken's Color Extend since I got a bottle a couple years ago when it was first out on the market. I'm a big fan. It leaves hair feeling gorgeous and you know that your very pricey color isn't getting washed out with every shampoo.

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My mother always used this and it stinks to high heaven, but you gotta love the way this classic hairspray holds hair in place. Plus, Enzo Angileri, a famous hairstylist to the stars (think Charlize Theron) uses it to get big waves. First, he mists wet hair with Aqua Net, then he wraps sections around Velcro rollers and lets them air dry (this, according to Elle Magazine).