The 9 Best Men's Dress Pants of 2021

These men’s dress pants are work wardrobe essentials

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We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process.

Dress pants are a man’s office staple and wardrobe essential, but the term can be slightly deceiving. They don’t necessarily need to look “dressy.” There are plenty of casual dress pants that make a great alternative to jeans on the weekends or for offices with more relaxed dress codes. 

While fit is primary, it’s also important to consider lifestyle when buying men’s dress pants. For example, if you‘re a commuter or walk to work, it’s best to go with a pair of dress pants that can stretch or have a bit of give to them. 

We evaluated a variety of men’s dress pants in different styles, fabrics, and price ranges. Whether you need everyday work pants, something for a big and tall body type, or a pair with a sportier aesthetic for the weekend, we found options to fit every need. Here are the best men’s dress pants currently available.

Best Overall: Theory Mayer Straight-Leg Pants

Theory Mayer Straight-Leg Pants

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Theory Mayer Straight-Leg Pants is the best overall pick for several reasons. Made from a blend of wool, lycra, and spandex, these pants have a flexible fit but classic aesthetic. So you can feel comfortable on your commute yet appropriate for the office. With a straight leg cut and extended interior waist-tab, these pants easily fit most body types.

Four different colors are available— Mid Charcoal, Altitude (blue), Black, and Navy. No matter what color you order, it’s easy to match them to most dress shirts with or without a tie. 

Just note that fabric is dry clean only. So, if you prefer to wash your pants at home in the washing machine, it’s best to choose a different pair from this list.

Best Budget: Old Navy Straight Ultimate Built-In Flex Chino Pants

Straight Ultimate Built-In Flex Chino Pants for Men

Courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy proves that dress pants don’t need to break the bank. The brand’s Straight Ultimate Built-In Flex Chino Pants for Men are a great example of this. Low in price, but high in style, they have a casual look ideal for the weekends and offices with less formal wardrobe requirements.

These pants are made in a generous variety of sizes and fits including regular and tall as well as long and wide legs. Choose from twelve colors including standards like black and navy as well trendier options such as shades of rust, raisin, and green.

Still not ready to add them to your cart? Because these pants are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, they’re machine-washable. So you’ll save cash on dry cleaning, making them an even better value.

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Best Splurge: Isaia Solid Wool Trousers

Isaia Solid Wool Trousers

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

If you’re going to splurge on a high end of pants for the office, going with Isaia Solid Wool Trousers is a choice you won’t regret. Made in Italy, this garment is made from high-quality wool, and has front and back pleats as well as a cummerbund waist. So, they have a more formal look than some of the other choices presented here. 

Winning points for versatility, there are many ways you can wear these dress pants. They look great with a button-down shirt and tie. Wear them with a sweater and you’ve got a more relaxed alternative to a suit.

Choose from three smart colors—Tan, Grey, and Navy. If your budget allows, you may even want to buy more than one pair.

Best Slim Fit: Uniqlo Men 2-Way Stretch Skinny-Fit Chino Pants

Uniqlo Men 2-Way Stretch Skinny-Fit Chino Pants

Courtesy of Uniqlo

If a slim-fit pant is the most flattering to your body, the Uniqlo Men 2-Way Stretch Skinny-Fit Chino pants are certainly worth considering. They have a look that’s perfect for casual Fridays and Sunday brunches. Better yet, they have an affordable price tag. So, you can happily purchase without guilt.

The fabric is made from a blend of 95 percent cotton and five percent spandex, so they have just a little bit of stretch to them. Choose from five colors— Black, Orange, Natural, Beige, and Blue. 

There’s just one minor drawback to consider, which is that only a 34-inch inseam length is available. So if you need something longer or shorter, opt for a different pair of dress pants from this list.

Best for Comfort: Lululemon ABC Pant Classic 34" Warpstreme

Lululemon ABC Pant Classic 34" Warpstreme

Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon is best known for making the most comfortable women’s leggings. So it shouldn’t be a surprise their men’s dress pants are no different. The Lululemon ABC Pants Classic 34” Warpstreme pants are going to become your next go-to pair.

Warpstreme fabric feels smooth, yet has a four-way stretch. Even when washed, it retains its shape and dries quickly. Best of all, it's wrinkle resistant. So, these pants can even help prevent those embarrassing moments, like going up for a presentation only to realize your pants look incredibly wrinkled and that you should have ironed them this morning. 

There are 17 different color options to choose from including Black, True Navy, and Iron Blue. They are also made in a substantial range of sizes from 28-46 waist and 28-37 inseam.

Best Big and Tall: Bonobos Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Courtesy of Bonobos

Finding dress pants that fit properly can be a challenge for Big and Tall Men. So they will really appreciate the Bonobos Italian Stretch Wool Dress Pants. Made from a blend of 98 percent wool and two percent Elastane, these versatile, four-season pants have a small amount of give to them. Just note that this fabric must be dry-cleaned

Four different fits are available including Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight. So, it’s almost like getting a pair of custom pants for a far better price.  

These pants are made in a wide range of sizes: 28-54 waist and 28-36 inseam.

With eleven different color options, it’s hard to choose just one pair. Most notably, the Light Grey Slub has a fresh, textured aesthetic, ideal for warmer months, while Black, Light Grey, and Navy are best to wear all year round.

Best Casual: Peter Millar Ultimate Sateen Five Pocket Pants

Peter Millar Ultimate Sateen Five Pocket Pants

Courtesy of Nordstrom

If you’re been searching for a great pair of casual dress pants ideal for the office and weekends, Peter Millar Ultimate Sateen Five Pocket Pants couldn’t be a better choice. A stylish yet polished alternative to jeans, these five-pocket pants are designed to be extra soft and comfortable. Made from a blend of 67 percent cotton, 30 percent modal, and three percent spandex, they’re also machine-washable. 

This garment has a unique design with a mid-rise relaxed waist, but a straight cut from knee to ankle. So they’re easy to move around in without looking too casual or sporty. 

These pants are made in four different colors: Gale Grey, Grain, Navy, and Sand. They look best with polo shirts and sweaters as opposed to blazers and button-downs.

Best For Office: Brooks Brothers BrooksGate Milano-Fit Wool Twill Suit Pants

BrooksGate Milano-Fit Wool Twill Suit Pants

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

If you’re looking for the right dress pants for the office, Brooks Brothers BrooksGate Milao-Fit Wool Twill suit pants are a perfect choice. This brand is known for its high-quality menswear and these pants are certainly no exception. With a modern but somewhat formal aesthetic, they feature a small, tapered leg opening, flat-front silhouette, button-welted back pockets, and finished hem.

Made from pure wool in Italy, these pants are available with a matching blazer, but are sold separately. If you buy both, they’re easy to mix and match. So while neither piece is inexpensive, these pieces are a smart value.

With three different color choices, Grey, Charcoal, and Blue, no matter which one you go with, it’s impossible to go wrong with these Brooks Brothers suit pants.

Best Tech Fabric: Bonobos Tech Chino Pants

Bonobos Tech Chino Pants

Courtesy of Bonobos

Bonobos Tech Chino pants are great for commuters or anyone who lives in a warmer climate because they repel sweat and other liquids. Designed to be comfortable, they tend to be more flexible than wool. As if that isn’t enough reason to choose tech fabric pants, unlike traditional dress pant fabrics, this fabric is machine washable. 

These pants have a cool casual look great for the weekends or less formal offices. With four fits, Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight, it’s easy to find the right one for your body type. Lots of color options are available Grey, Black, Black Pepper, Navy, Pine Green, Earth Brown, and Olive Brown. You’ll love them so much that you’ll definitely want to purchase these pants in more than one color.

Final Verdict

The Theory Mayer Straight-Leg Pants and Lululemon ABC Pants Classic 34” Warpstreme pants are the best options on this list although they’re very different in terms of style. The Theory pants are a great standard pair of dress pants, perfect for every day. On the other hand, the Lululemon pants are sportier, making them better for casual Fridays and the weekends.

What to Look For in Men's Dress Pants


Not all dress pants have the same fit. While every manufacturer is different, straight fit generally has a more traditional, polished look. On the other hand, an athletic fit may be more suitable for some body types and easier to move around in. No matter what you go with, it’s best to read the description of the cut before you add a pair to your cart.


Formal dress pants are generally made from wool or a wool blend. Casual dress pants like chinos are usually made from cotton. Sportier dress pants can be made from “tech fabrics'' designed to stretch. Tech fabrics are also useful for wicking away moisture, making it an ideal choice for commuters or anyone who lives in a rainy climate.


Keep in mind that when you buy dress pants, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning. Note that materials like wool will need to be dry-cleaned whereas cotton and tech fabrics are machine-washable. So if you find dry cleaning to be inconvenient or an added expense you don’t want to have, you may want to look at the washing instructions before committing to buying a particular pair of pants.

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