The Best Deadpool vs. Wolverine Fights

Wolverine vs. Deadpool by Skottie Young
Marvel Comics

James "Logan" Howlett a.k.a. Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, but what he does best isn't very nice. Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool is the Merc with a Mouth because, well, he's a mercenary who loves to babble. Wolverine and Deadpool may have drastically different personalities, but there's one thing they have in common (you know, aside from being really, really dangerous): an accelerated healing factor.

Wolverine was born with an impressive ability to recover from virtually any wound, and Wade Wilson received his rapid healing from an experiment. They're both excellent fighters who can withstand a ridiculous amount of punishment. Throw in their noticeably different personalities and it was just a matter of time until they decided to tear into each other. They've slashed and stabbed one another many times before, so let's take a few minutes to check out some of their best fights.

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Wolverine #88

Deadpool vs Wolverine by Adam Kubert, Fabio Laguna, Mark Farmer, Tim Townsend, and Marie Javins
Marvel Comics

Back in 1994, the adamantium-clawed X-Man suffered a pretty embarrassing defeat. Taking place in Wolverine #88 (Larry Hama, Adam Kubert, Fabio Laguna, Mark Farmer, Tim Townsend, and Marie Javins), Logan's able to get a few hits in before Deadpool sinks two blades into his lungs. With that harsh double strike, Wolverine is down for the count.

Usually, it requires a lot to take Wolvie out of a fight, but in this situation, poor ol' Logan's healing factor wasn't at 100%. He was at a disadvantage in this encounter and, thanks to a taunt from Deadpool, it seems like he favored hurting Wade over making the best tactical decision around. There's just no denying that Wolverine is technically more skilled in hand-to-hand combatant than Deadpool is, but it was impressive that Wade was able to set his opponent up for such a vicious attack. 

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Cable & Deadpool #44

Deadpool vs Wolverine by Ron Lim, Jeremy Freeman, Gotham, and Sotocolor
Marvel Comics

Wolverine may have suffered a humiliating defeat back in '94, but in 2007, Logan defeated Deadpool in a fair fight. In Fabian Nicieza, Ron Lim, Jeremy Freeman, John Dell, Gotham Studios, and Chris Sotomayor's Cable & Deadpool #44, Wolverine's martial arts training and adamantium claws allow him to get the better of the Merc with the Mouth in a straightforward melee. There's no tricks or traps here, just two guys exchanging hits.

Deadpool has what it takes to land some brutal hits against Wolverine, but the X-Man's superior technique and adamantium-lacing — which means his weapons can't be destroyed or removed and he's more durable — should allow him to eventually win. It's a pretty swift fight, but it's also a pretty awesome and entertaining one. There's no shame in losing to Wolverine, Wade.

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Deadpool #27

Deadpool vs. Wolverine by Walter McDaniel, Whitney McFarland, and Kevin Somers
Deadpool vs. Wolverine by Walter McDaniel, Whitney McFarland, and Kevin Somers. Marvel Comics

Immediately after a big story for Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth is suffering from some major hallucinations. In an effort to help himself, the antihero talked to Doctor Bong about his newfound mental problem. After talking for a bit, Bong gave Deadpool a simple yet violent prescription: fight a superhero! You see, standard medicine won't work because of Wade's healing factor, and Doctor Bong believes that fighting is Deadpool's gateway into himself. Or, as Deadpool later puts it, "can-kicking helps me think." As you obviously know by now, Deadpool thinks there's one superhero who's perfect for the job: Wolverine.

Joe Kelly, Walter McDaniel, Whitney McFarland, and Kevin Somers' 1997 comic is full of entertaining choreography and great gags. There's an unforgettable Street Fighter reference and watching the two brawl is such a blast. The issue isn't just silly and action-packed fun, though. What makes this issue special is the fact it's also pretty big on character insight. Make sure to check this one out at some point, Deadpool fans. And then read all of the issues that came before it. And after it. Okay, what I'm saying is read all of Deadpool's first ongoing. Got it? Great. 

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Wolverine: Origins #21-25

Deadpool vs. Wolverine by Steve Dillon and Matt Milla
Marvel Comics

Daniel Way, Steve Dillon, and Matt Milla's 2008 story arc is consistently hysterical and it all revolves around Deadpool going after Wolverine. The regenerating degenerate has an elaborate and silly plan waiting for Logan; it includes everything from a piano to a fortune cookie. There's a whole lot of savage close combat between the two, but Wade's twisted and over-the-top traps are frequent and very funny. There's just so much lighthearted fun as these two rip into each other over the course of several issues.

It seems like Deadpool's always at least one step ahead of Wolverine in the story. Right when it looks like Wolverine has the upper hand, Deadpool does something to slip away or upset the hero even more. But in the end, it turns out everything is actually going according to the X-Man's plan! Not shabby, Logan.

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Honorable Mentions

Deadpool vs Wolverine by Robert Liefeld, Norm Rapmund, and Digital Broome
Marvel Comics

Wolverine #154-155: A fun battle in which Wolverine makes the mistake of holding back against an opponent with a healing factor. When Wolverine has Wade at his mercy, he gives the merc a second chance. It's not very long after that moment that Wolverine finds himself full of tranqs and knocked out.

Wolverine Annual '99: The two deadly characters have a brief fight before they're rudely interrupted by a big Werewolf. If only Deadpool spent the extra money to make his sword silver, not chrome! In the end, Wolverine says they're even and offers to buy the guy a beer. Maybe another fight broke out at the bar? It wouldn't exactly be surprising with those two, would it?

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 (non-canon): Deadpool arms himself with a carbonadium sword and attacks Wolverine. Needless to say, it really doesn't go well for Logan.