10 Best Colorways of the Nike Air Max 1

When it comes to retro running shoes, perhaps the most popular model of them all is the Nike Air Max 1. Produced in hundreds of colorways, varied materials, and updated constructions throughout the years since its original release in 1987, it’s pretty easy to see why the Air Max 1 is crucial to sneaker history. But it’s not one of the most important models ever from Nike only because of its popularity; it’s also very significant historically, as it was the very first shoe to feature visible Air.

The Air Max 1 has become one of the greatest sneakers of all time thanks to its timeless look, great comfort, and design that’s a perfect canvas for unlimited color combinations. Let’s take a look at ten of the very best of those colorways ever put together on the Air Max 1.

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Original White/Red


The most iconic colorway of the Air Max 1 is, of course, the original white, red and grey version designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1987. As if the brand new visible Air window wasn’t enough, Tinker made the shoe stand out even further with a bright red colorway. The use of bright color wasn’t that common for running shoes at the time, and Tinker actually had to fight to get his fiery red colorway produced. Thank another one of Tinker’s rebellions against the marketing department for one of the most iconic and recognizable colorways in Nike’s history.

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Original White/Blue


So Tinker got his bright red version, but the more basic blue colorway that Nike’s marketing department had been suggesting ended up being great, as well!

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Original White/Navy/Red


As far as original colorways for the Air Max 1 go, the white and grey pair with navy blue and red accents is a bit of a forgotten underdog compared to red and blue versions already mentioned. But that doesn’t stop it from still being one of the best looks for the shoe ever. Like many classic sneakers, the originals will always be the best.

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"Elephant" by atmos

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Tokyo’s atmos, the premier sneaker boutique of Japan, has lent their masterful hands to a few amazing versions of classic Air Max runners throughout the years. Arguably none are better than this version of the Air Max 1 from 2007, which utilizes Nike’s classic “Elephant” print first seen on the Air Jordan III. A black, upper, white toe box and "Clear Jade" Swooshes blend together perfectly for arguably the best non-original Air Max 1 ever.

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"Safari" by atmos

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Another one of atmos’ best colorways ever features another classic Nike pattern, the "Safari" print, first used on the Air Max 1’s cohort from 1987, the Air Safari. Premium materials, an earthy color palette, and a mini Swoosh at the toe all make it another one of the best Air Max 1’s ever created.

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"Amsterdam" by Parra

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Dutch artist Parra is highly successful and famous in the art world, so it should come as no surprise that a colorway of the Air Max 1 he designed was right on the money. Inspired by the city of Amsterdam, maroon, pink and teal hues, along with a speckled midsole come together for one of the most sought after versions of the Air Max 1 ever.

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"Chlorphyll" by Patta


Like Tokyo’s atmos, Dutch sneaker shop Patta has also produced some of the best Air Max 1 colorways ever. Sticking with the original color block, this version replaces the OG red or blue felt material with “Chlorphyll” green canvas.

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"Lucky Green" by Patta


Another one of Patta’s best is this pair in a premium blend of black canvas and ballistic nylon with contrasting white Swooshes and midsole accented with "Lucky Green". Throw in metal lace eyelets—unique to this version of the Air Max 1—and a gum rubber outsole and you’ve got nothing short of a sneaker masterpiece.

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Nicknamed after the "Scuba Blue" accent color, this version of the Air Max 1 from 2010 features a basic yet bold look in a unique color block. And in a simple black, white and grey combination, they get extra points for the ability to go with pretty much anything you’re wearing.

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"Midnight Navy" Suede

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The newest colorway of the bunch, this suede construction of the Air Max 1 is clean, simple, and extremely wearable. It’s a colorway basic enough for everyday wear, but fresh enough to be broken out only for special occasions. Take your pick!