Best Classic Rock Workout Songs

I read somewhere that people who are learning CPR are often told that to do chest compressions at the right pace, they should imagine the song, "Stayin' Alive" as they work.

That got me to thinking about the more routine workouts some of us engage in, and how it seems easier to do repetitive motions to music. And that got me to thinking about classic rock songs to load on your MP3 player for your next workout. Here are some of my favorites. Take a look, then let us know which songs you work out to.

(If you don't work out regularly, be sure to confer with your favorite medical professional before you start.)

Activity Rate: High

Robert Plant

Tim Boyle /Getty Images

These songs are for those who are used to strenuous cardio exercise. Work to the beat of these songs and you'll have a +100 pulse rate before you know it.


"Immigrant Song" - Led Zeppelin

"Roll on Down the Highway" - Bachman Turner Overdrive

"Call Me The Breeze" - Lynyrd Skynyrd


"Steamer Lane Breakdown" - The Doobie Brothers

"Soul Sacrifice" - Santana

"Toad" - Cream |​ Listen

Activity Rate: Medium

Angus Young

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So you're not burning 500 calories an hour, but you do want to move to a steady beat while you build yourself up. Drop it into second gear with these tracks.


"Driving Wheel" - Foghat

"Highway To Hell" - AC/DC

"China Grove" - The Doobie Brothers​


"Anji" - Paul Simon

"Jessica" - The Allman Brothers Band

"Black Mountain Side" - Led Zeppelin

Activity Rate: Low

Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

If you ski on the bunny slope or use training wheels on your bike, these songs will let you move at a slow enough pace to do some good without hurting yourself.


"We Will Rock You" - Queen​ | Listen

"Cold As Ice" - Foreigner​| Listen

"Blackbird" - The Beatles


"Bourée" - Jethro Tull​ | Listen

"Beck's Bolero" - Jeff Beck | ​Listen

"Pipeline" - Alan Parsons Project |​ Listen