Best Blushes for Every Budget

Save or Splurge: You Can Get a Rosy Glow At Any Budget

While some designer brands are beloved by makeup artists, you can find great colors and long-lasting makeup at the drugstore, too. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to splurge, you can find a blush for your budget.

This blush is regularly featured as the favorite of beauty editors and makeup artists. It's very flattering on a wide range of skin tones, from pale porcelain skin to dark caramel complexions. It gives the perfect glow on the cheeks that is a natural-looking flush.

Other popular Nars shades include the coral Torrid and Super Orgasm.

This blush is hands down the best drugstore buy for its price and quality. Try "natural rose," a perfect pink that looks good on light skin (one swipe of the brush is all you'll need) and on dark skin (apply a few layers of color). This is a powder blush, which is perfect for youthful skin that's oily. If you have dry skin, opt for a moisturizing blush instead.

This gel stick formula is super easy to use and beauty editors have been raving about it for years. It gives a dewy hint of color without streaking or dripping. It's sheer so you can wear it under your regular blush or alone. Choose from a wide variety of shades. Tickled Peach works for most skin colors if you must choose one without testing them out.

One of the most-reviewed (and popular) blushes on Makeupalley, BeneFit's super popular Dandelion blush works great on all skin tones. It provides a pink, "just walked in out of the cold" glow on pale women and is a gorgeous all-over highlighter for darker skinned women.

Milani blushes are another huge favorite on Makeupalley. Users love them for their perfect application and long-lasting power. And the price can't be beaten.

This convertible blush means you can use it as a blush and a lip stain. This is an InStyle magazine and beauty editor favorite.

Another "convertible" blush, Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge is a cult favorite. It's a cream, not a powder, so it's perfect for dry, maturing skin, but it works well on combination skin, too. Simply apply with a finger by dotting color along the cheekbone. Blend in. Also works beautifully as a lipstick.

M.A.C. says Pink Swoon is their most popular blush color and it's no wonder: the color works on any skin tone and has just the right amount of pigment so it doesn't go on either too harshly or too lightly. M.A.C.'s powder blushes are excellent overall.

You know that all-over bronzed look that some models have? As if they were in St. Tropez and got this amazing sheen and they don't even have to wear makeup? That's the way you could look with NARS' "The Multiple." Sweep this color on the forehead, nose, cheek, and lips and you have the perfect amount of color. It's like bronzer, blush, and lipstick in one and Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley swears by it.​