The 6 Best BB Creams To Buy In 2018

Moisturize and color correct with these lightweight balms

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In recent years, the presence of BB creams in the beauty aisle has grown from a generally unknown product to a must-have staple. Frequently confused with its close cousin tinted moisturizer, BB cream actually stands for beauty balm, a family of products that typically promise to moisturize and correct skin while sometimes also acting as sunblock. BB creams can also provide nourishing antioxidants, and sometimes even improve the appearance of blemishes. There are countless options out there, but don’t panic over choosing the best one for you.

Below, find the best BB creams for every skin type you can buy now.


If you’re looking for a drugstore-brand blemish balm staple, look no further. This ultra-affordable BB cream from Maybelline promises seven benefits in one product: covering imperfections, brightening skin, evening skin tone, smoothing, hydrating, enhancing complexion, and SPF protecting from the sun, all while remaining oil free and incredibly lightweight. And with more than 400 five-star reviews on Amazon, you can be sure that it does what is promised.

On days when you want a fresh look without doing a full face, reach for this product instead. It offers enough coverage to pass as a light foundation without the overdone feel. Fans of the product love that it offers full coverage without blotching, and even call it “ego-boosting coverage.” And with five different shade options at under $10 a bottle, you’re guaranteed to find coverage that works perfectly for you.

CLINIQUE Acne Solutions BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40
Courtesy of Sephora

When you’re super prone to breakouts, you understand that putting any old product on your face can result in a disaster if you’re not careful. Instead of taking a chance on the drugstore varieties, reach for this top-rated option from Clinique instead. The formula is specifically designed for oily and combination skin, so it’s guaranteed not to clog pores. The Clinique BB cream also features SPF 40 protection against both UVA and UVB sun damage. It provides moderate blemish coverage, helps to control oil, and even minimizes the look of your pores.

Additionally, this super-gentle formula is made without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, so you’re sure to be getting a product made without unnecessary fillers that could cause more harm than good. As are all of Clinique’s products, this BB cream is non-comedogenic, allergy tested, and fragrance-free, so it won’t cause irritation to those with super sensitive skin. At a price point of just around $40, it’s by far the most expensive BB cream option on this list, but the gentle and reliable formula makes it worth the investment. Five different shades, ranging from light to deep, make it very simple to find a shade that matches your natural glow. More »

If you find yourself constantly battling a face full of greasy problem spots, add this oil-free BB cream to your skincare routine, stat. The oil-free formula is designed to correct shine, minimize pores, even skin tone, hydrate, and protect the skin with SPF 15, yet thanks to the super-gentle formula, it won’t clog your pores when used as an everyday product. Even though the formula is made for oilier skin types, the moisturizing properties make it a great product for people with dry or combination skin as well.

The formula is also made with the antioxidant wild berry, which helps protect both the appearance of your skin while also improving it, so your skin looks great even after you take off your makeup at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a little extra correcting power, Garnier also makes a similar BB cream that is formulated to reduce the look of wrinkles over time and is made with antioxidants from apricots to help fight the other natural signs of aging.

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42 PA+++ (50ml)
Courtesy of Target

This top-rated BB cream from popular K-beauty brand MISSHA is the best product for everyday use. According to the brand, this cream is their best selling product, with over 30 million bottles sold worldwide thus far. In addition to strong sun protection  thanks to the the SPF 42, this lightweight and comfortable cream helps to heal visible wrinkles and other imperfections and signs of aging while it’s worn. While most BB creams help to conceal blemishes, this MISSHA BB cream is full-coverage, so it can be worn daily as an alternative to a cake-y foundation, and will stay in place all throughout the day.

According to reviewers, when you first apply the product it can appear a little grayish, but there’s nothing to worry about—the formula quickly oxidizes and matches to your natural skin tone. At a price point of just over $20, it’s a little more expensive than the drugstore options out there, but its countless benefits and reputation as a rock star product make it worth the slight splurge. Six different shades make it easy for you to find the right fit for you.

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If your skin could you a little extra love and hydration, reach for this nourishing BB cream from Burt’s Bees. This mineral-rich, natural formula promises nine benefits: SPF 15 sun protection, moisturizing, smoothing, skin firming, illuminating, tone evening, concealing, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and it also acts as a skin perfector.

The formula is made from natural ingredients, like the antioxidant-rich Noni plant, which help moisturize your face throughout the day as you wear the cream, so that when you take off your makeup at the end of the day, your skin will be even clearer than when you applied the BB cream earlier. Like most of Burt’s Bees’ products, the formula is made with 98.9% natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your face. With a price point of around $10, this is a super-affordable option for daily use.

Neutrogena ® Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector
Courtesy of Target

This protecting BB cream is ideal for everyday protection from the sun. Light enough to be worn as an extra layer of protection underneath your regular makeup or on its own as lighter coverage, you’ll always be guarded from harsh UVA and UVB sunrays thanks to the Broad Spectrum SPF 20. With hundreds of reviews on, this cream still boasts a five-star rating, with reviewers gushing that they love how it gives them a “me, only better” look.

Additionally, this formula is made with retinol, an extracted form of vitamin A that promotes skin renewal to help perfect your existing blemishes and lines while the SPF works to protect against further damage. Retinol is extremely buzzy amongst skincare professionals right now, and some products that include the ingredient can cost hundreds of dollars. So for less than $15 a bottle, this is the best, and most affordable, sunscreen, retinol cream, moisturizer, and concealer combo that you can buy. The Anti-Aging Perfector is available in five colors, ranging from light to deep.

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