Best Balding Clippers

The Best Clippers for Shaving Your Head

Going bald doesn't have the negative stigma associated with it as it did years ago.  Today, many men (even those with full heads of hair) are opting for a close shave.  It is a bold, masculine look and it is relatively easy to maintain.  Shaving your head does take a little work, however.

Many guys, however, don't want to deal with the daily razor and shaving cream routine and, instead, opt for a quick buzz with a clipper.  For those guys, I offer my top pics for best balding clippers.  These are the best clippers for saving your head I've found.

 The Andis T-Outliner Trimmer is THE trimmer I have used since I started cutting hair over two decades ago.  Not only is it an all-around great trimmer for outlining and detailing, but the blades cut super close (not as close as a foil trimmer or wet shave, but pretty close).  For guys who want that "almost totally bald" look without the hassle of shaving or going over your head with a foil shaver, this clipper will certainly do the trick.  This clipper retails for around $55.

 The Wahl Professional 5 Star Balding Clipper, in my opinion, is really the clipper that stared the whole trend of offering clippers specifically for shaving heads close.  I love this particular clipper for a variety of reasons.  First, the clipper cuts very close for an adjustable blade clipper (not as close as others on this list, but it does the job).  As this is an adjustable blade clipper, you can make subtle adjustments in the length (for those who may want just a little stubble).  This clipper won't take you as close as a razor would, but it will take you to within a day's stubble of a wet shave.  This clipper retails for around $55.

Used in combination with a traditional hair clipper, the Wahl Professional 5 Star Shaver will give you a shave equivalent to a wet shave.  This clipper is ideal for dry shaving and I often use it to shave heads (or do skin fades) in my barbershops.  This shaver is a bit of a work horse and I've been using it for years in the my shops.  It is rechargeable (a huge plus) and the foil head is very easy to clean and replace.  This shaver retails for around $60. 

 Much like the Andis T-Outliner, the Andis Superliner Trimmer with Bonus Shaving Head's standard blade shaves extremely close.  The thing I love about this clipper is that the blade is detachable (and, as such, very easy to replace) and it comes with an optional foil shaver head as well.  It's almost like getting two clippers for the price of one.  While the trimmer head may be a bit narrow for some, I think it does the job quite nicely.  The shaver retails for around $60 with the bonus shaver head.

The Oster 76 Clipper is the gold standard for detachable blade clippers and will last you a lifetime.  It's big.  And heavy.  And loud.  The kind of clipper a real man will use to shave his noggin.  The great thing about this clipper is that, rather than using guards, you can buy blades of varying lengths which will cut much smoother than a clipper with a guard.  For headshaving, I recommend purchasing a 00000 blade which cuts extremely close.  If you look around online, opt for the ceramic version of the 00000 blade as it will run much cooler and stay sharp much longer than a traditional blade.  

Dry Shaving Your Head

Many guys who keep a bald opt for a quick buzz with a clipper and some prefer dry shaving to using a razor and shaving cream. These are the best balding clippers for saving your head I've found.