The Best Backless Bra Options

It never fails. You found the coolest dress or top for that bridal shower, girl's night out, or weekend getaway, only to realize that the trendy open back reveals your bra band. Or the low back isn't a good fit for your strapless bra. Ick! Never fear. You can find the freedom to wear all sorts of low back, backless, strappy back, sheer back, or lace back tops and dresses with the help of a backless bra. There are many to choose from for several sizes out there. Before getting caught up in the all the options, take a look at the list below. Here you'll find the best backless bras for every outfit. Go get 'em! 

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Adhesive Molded Bra



Natural Leopard Adhesive Bra by NuBra, $32

One of the biggest risks of wearing a stick on backless bra is the fear that it won't stick! While there are some do's and don'ts to wearing adhesive bras (like making sure your skin is clean of oils or lotions), it also matters which stick on bra you use. This brand uses medical grade adhesive so you know it's going to stick. Plus their products are high quality and made in the USA. While the fashion style shown here is available in A to C cup sizes, they have a variety of options, including the popular Seamless cup available in many basic colors or a sassy leopard print, for A to E cup sizes. In addition they have push up styles, silicone options, and more. The entire inside of the molded cup is adhesive and a clip in the middle helps provide shape and lift.

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Sticker Bra

Braza bra


Braza Bra Adhesive Bra by Braza from Walmart, $10

Another common adhesive bra solution for backless dresses is the sticker bra. This style is not molded and is a thin, skin tone paper that you attach directly to your skin. The entire piece of paper is sticky. The trick with this item is that it provides less shaping or coverage compared to a molded cup stick on bra. If you're looking for a more natural shape, this one is the ticket. Available in cup sizes A through DD, it's also possible to cut the bra to suit your outfit's specific straps or neckline. These disposable bra cups can take some getting used to when it comes to applying, but they come with several in a pack so you can practice until it's perfect.

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Fashion forms bodysuit

Fashion Forms/Bloomingdale's 

U Plunge Backless Strapless Bodysuit by Fashion Forms from Bloomingdale's, $32 

Bodysuits are popular lingerie and undergarment options these days, and that goes for low back bras, too. The benefit of wearing this particular bodysuit is that it provides a smooth front, deep plunging neckline, and no back -- all while anchored in place by a thong at the bottom and two adhesive strips attached to the side of the cups. 

This bodysuit comes in black and a light skin tone, and is available in sizes Small to XL. Because it doesn't come in bra sizes and fits the whole body, it may not be the best fit for everyone. But with its trendy cut and coverage, it's worth a shot! It just may be the low back bra item you've been looking for. 

If a bodysuit isn't your thing, try a low back bustier like the Le Mystere Soiree Bustier or something similar! Bras like this have been a fabulous option for brides with slight dips in the back of their strapless gowns for decades. 

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Low Back Convertible Push Up Bra

Jezebel bra


Embrace Seamless Convertible Push-Up Bra by Jezebel from Kohl's, $38

Not all backless bra options need to be stick-on or completely backless. For some of those low back tops and dresses, a convertible bra like this one may do the trick. First, this bra is available for A to DD cup sizes and has convertible strap capability to be worn as a halter, criss-cross in the back, or straight back. The key for the low back option is that this push up bra comes with a low back converter.

A low back converter attaches to your band on one side, then wraps low around your torso and anchors in place, then attaches to the other side of your back band. This keeps the band low in the back and out of the way for most low back dresses. Remember that you will have some elastic wrapping around your tummy, so this is not the best seamless option under cloths. It is a good option if your dress or outfit is flowing, loose, or very textured, like thick sequin or knit. 

Keep in mind that you can purchase a low back converter strap to attach to most of your bras. The example here just happens to be a great convertible bra with lots of strap options, and includes the low back converter. 

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Low Back Bralette

Free people low back bralette in blue

 Free People

Low Back Bralette by Intimately for Free People, $30

This no-show bralette is a breezy option for low back tops and trendy dresses. American made from Free People's "Signature Seamless", fabric this bralette also features a V-neckline in addition to a low, open back. It's a pull-on style that comes in sizes XS/S and M/L, plus over a dozen colors. This bold blue hue is just the start.

This is a great option when you need something seamless and simple with light support and don't mind straps. And since it comes in many colors, you can match it to your outfit. That way, if the straps or back happen to show, it can be a colorful part of your look. 

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Nipple Covers


Nippies/Bare Necessities 

Nippies Skin Adhesive Nipple Covers by Bristols 6 from Bare Necessities, $25

Sometimes the low back bra solution you're looking for isn't even a bra! Often times the reason women wear a bra is to provide support and coverage. That coverage they're looking for is really to conceal the shape or color of their nipples. If you aren't looking for support or shape and just want the coverage, you can skip the bra all together and wear a pair of adhesive nipple covers. There are several options when it comes to nipple covers - from disposable paper or cloth-like materials, to sequin or fun shapes and prints, and more. In most cases a reusable, smooth, silicone style in a skin tone as close to yours as possible is wise because the covers will provide seamless, invisible coverage. 

Nipple covers are an especially great option if your backless outfit has some level of support built-in to the front, like a shelf bra, underbust seams, or firm material. Whether you want to free flow or just want some extra coverage, they're a great addition to your undergarment wardrobe. 

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Pretty Back Bra

Pretty back bras

Bare Necessities 

If all else fails when it comes to what to wear with a low back dress, you can try wearing a bra with a gorgeous back! Let a lace, strappy, or detailed bra band and back show as part of your outfit. Match it to your personal look and you've not only found a solution, but a brand new style to rock. 

Seen here (left to right): Wacoal, Paramour by Felina, Onzie each available at Bare Necessities