The Best Arthur Memes for a Laugh

Arthur Reid and all his friends are surprisingly relatable

Arthur memes are mostly made up of image screenshots from the PBS Kids show "Arthur," which aired in the mid-nineties and grew to become a cartoon favorite by kids everywhere well into the 2000s. The show is based on the original Arthur children's book series by Marc Brown. 

What Do Arthur Memes Mean?

Arthur memes can mean almost anything depending on what's shown in the image and what's said in the meme caption. Most of them all mean to poke a little fun at an innocent children's show made for educational purposes by applying them to less innocent, more adult problems and situations.

How Are Arthur Memes Used?

Meme lovers typically use Arthur memes to express their emotions about something. One of the most popular Arthur memes is Arthur's Fist, which shows an image of Arthur clenching his fist. It's often used as a reaction to express frustration or annoyance.

Some Arthur memes are pretty raunchy, making them totally inappropriate for kids. Many however feature regular, everyday situations that almost anyone can relate to experiencing. 

And I Say, Hey! What a Wonderful Kind of Day!

Arthur Meme

Every kid who grew up watching Arthur knows the theme song off by heart. Those who've heard it one too many times during childhood or adolescence probably can't stand to hear it again.

Thanks for the Invitation...

Arthur Meme


The look on DW's face is how we all look when we check social media and get hit with a serious sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Hey, That's a Lot of Money!

Arthur Meme

 It might not be much, but at least it's more than you thought you had!

The Slippers Say It All

Arthur Meme

Real friends wear each other on their feet, according to Arthur and Buster.  

When You Gotta Eat, You Gotta Eat

Arthur Meme

Arthur's enthusiastic walk down the street is the most relatable reaction to any opportunity for going out to eat—even when you're trying to stick to a strict budget.

Arthur's Real Life Doppelganger

Arthur Meme

Is it any coincidence that both John Legend and Arthur play the piano? 

Nothing Stands in the Way of This Friendship

Arthur Meme

You know you've got a real friend when you have a solid connection that goes beyond the weird outfits and opposing cliques you belong to.

Check Please!

Arthur Meme

It's nice to go out every so often, but you're not made of money and wish she'd offer to pay for once. Is that so much to ask?

Hairdos Are Overrated Anyway

Arthur Meme

​ That look of self-doubt in Francine's eyes is all too familiar.

First Day Outfits Always Matter the Most

Arthur Meme

Every kid plans to wear their best outfit on the first day of school, no matter how uncomfortable. But weeks later they're usually back to sweats and baggy shirts!

Headphones Aren't Made for Aardvarks

Arthur Meme 

 It's awkward when you're an aardvark living in a human's world.

Cake Is Diet Friendly, Right?

Arthur Meme

All self-control is lost when cake or other delicious baked goods are nearby.

Ain't Nobody Got Time for Liars

Arthur Meme

No girl has time to waste on liars, cheaters or manipulators. DW has the look and attitude down pat in this image!

Who's That Girl Who Keeps Liking His Instagram Posts?

Arthur Meme

Speaking of liars, here's an image of Muffy looking ready for a serious relationship confrontation. 

The Frustration Is Real When It Comes to Minor Inconveniences

Arthur Meme

You know you're supposed to let the little things go, but sometimes you just can't!