Belly Bandit Post-Pregnancy Tummy Wrap Review

Belly Bandit Post-Pregnancy Wrap
 Belly Bandit

The Belly Bandit is a post-pregnancy abdominal wrap that gets rave reviews from moms. Abdominal wrapping has long been used post-pregnancy to help reduce swelling and encourage muscles and tissues to bounce back to their former glory. Belly Bandit takes the belly binding concept and makes it very easy to do and even a little bit glamorous.

This company even got an endorsement from Kourtney Kardashian, and they released a limited edition Kourtney Belly Bandit. A wide range of sizes accommodates lots of new moms, and each Belly Bandit size adjusts quite a bit as your post-baby shape changes. Finding the size that fits best may be tricky initially, though.


  • Tummy compression band for post-pregnancy.
  • Available in five sizes.
  • Comes in original, couture and bamboo lines.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Manufacturer's website:

Belly Bandit Review

If you've had a baby, and weren't lucky enough to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital, you know about that post-baby belly issue - where you can't suck it in or make it appear flat no matter what you do. Of course, it's perfectly OK to just not worry about it! Many women just enjoy the first few weeks with baby and then get back to the gym. If you'd like to have a flatter-looking stomach instantly, though, and could use some extra support, Belly Bandit may be for you.

The old-fashioned way of getting a belly back to pre-pregnancy shape, binding, gets a stylish makeover with the Belly Bandit. These tummy compression bands come in lots of sizes and several patterns and materials, so nearly any mom can find one that works. Belly Bandit makes binding easy, too. All you have to do is center the band on your back, pull the edges around to the front and fasten the Velcro tightly.

Finding the correct Belly Bandit size may be a challenge. Belly Bandit adjusts by about 5 inches to accommodate a changing post-baby shape. You don't want the band to be too tight initially or it won't be comfortable. Too big and it won't help and will look bulky under clothes. Some women may need two Belly Bandits to maintain a good fit. Most moms will probably find that the band adjustable enough to work from right after baby is born through the shrink back to pre-baby size.

The moms who tried out Belly Bandit on their post-baby tummies thought it was supportive and comfortable. The band is firm enough to hold a still-jiggly tummy in so that it looks fairly flat, so it can help you get into some of your pre-pregnancy clothes faster, too. One mom felt like the Belly Bandit reduced bloating, so she not only looked better but felt better, too. None of these moms had c-sections, but the Belly Bandit company says this band can help with c-section recovery, too, since it supports the healing muscles and skin. The manufacturer also says the Belly Bandit wrap can accelerate healing, minimize stretch marks, and help reduce swelling by moving fluids through the body.

It does give new moms an immediately flatter tummy, which feels good, physically and emotionally. There are no rough tags or seams inside the Belly Bandit wrap. It's supremely comfortable to wear, even if it doesn't look like it will be! The material is fairly firm, but despite that plus a lot of Velcro, the Belly Bandit doesn't dig in when you sit down while wearing it. It does feel a little strange at first, but it isn't uncomfortable. Even when sitting down to nurse your baby, the Belly Bandit doesn't ride up or feel like it's messing with other attire, such as your nursing bra.

After a while, you'll probably forget you're wearing it. There's no bunching under clothing, thanks to that thick material. Even plus-size moms should find that it stays in place well without rolling up. It won't show through your clothes unless you're wearing something very thin.

There are many colors and patterns available on the Belly Bandit wrap. You can choose simple, solid color styles, a designer "couture" version, or a silky bamboo material. The cost is a little higher on the couture and bamboo styles.

Overall, the Belly Bandit is a nice option for moms who want extra support and some tummy-flattening action after baby arrives. This would be a great baby shower gift, or a special treat for yourself.