Beauty Review: Pond's Cold Cream

There's a Reason this Product is a Beauty Classic

Pond's Cold Cream
Pond's Cold Cream is budget-friendly and will keep your skin looking flawless. Amazon

Pond's Cold Cream is a favorite of estheticians everywhere, and for good reason. As one esthetician reader told me, "When someone tells me she's never had a facial, but has skin that looks 20 years younger than her age, I pretty much know she'll also tell me she uses Pond's cold cream as a makeup remover and moisturizer."

I use it as a makeup remover myself. It was one of the first beauty rituals I learned from my mom: Every night before bed, she'd put on a good thick layer of Pond's and take it off, revealing almost creepily young looking skin underneath.

Her own mother, likewise, had a portrait in her attic that was aging rapidly, thanks to diligent use of Pond's Cold Cream. (Yes, that is a "Dorian Gray" joke in a beauty review. We're doing classic products, so why not, right?)


Does It Work?

And how. This is a rare case of a product that does exactly what it says it'll do, with a minimum of muss and fuss. I use it strictly as a makeup remover, and wash my face afterward with a mild cleanser to get the residue off, but that's a matter of individual taste. Some folks find that their pores get clogged if they don't rinse thoroughly, but I also know plenty of people who rely on Pond's as a leave-on moisturizer. In fact, some dermatologists advise against rinsing, because water can contain contaminants that are hard on your skin.

However you use it, Pond's Cold Cream will take off every bit of your makeup and leave your skin feeling softer. When I'm using it regularly, I notice that my fine lines stand out less.

It's especially great in the winter, when your skin is dry as a bone most of the time. Pond's totally takes away that tight-face feeling I always get in the cold weather. It'd be worth the price for that alone.


Texture, Feel, and Smell:

I like the slightly greasy feel of cold cream, but if you're squicked out by oilier products, it might take some getting used to.

To me, Pond's feels like theater makeup or a really intensive moisturizing treatment -- both of which I'm totally cool with, but again, everyone has their own idea of a good time, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty products.

Possibly my favorite thing about this product, other than its apparently miraculous youth-preserving properties, is its smell. I find it very clean and fresh-smelling. It always makes me feel like I've done something nice for myself in the five minutes it takes to remove my makeup properly. ("OK, I didn't get much done today, but at least I washed my face properly. Check that one off the list.")


Ease of Use:

This product is really easy to use, but there are a few things to keep in mind. I used to just slather on a quick coat and then wipe it off. When I did that, I noticed that I left a few traces of makeup behind, especially in those tricky areas around your eyes. This lead to a condition that my husband liked to refer to as "Looking Exactly Like the Joker." It was not a good look for me, and I decided not to continue with it.

The goal is to really massage your face with the cream, for at least a solid minute, before wiping it off with cotton balls or pads.

Do not, under any circumstances, use toilet paper or facial tissue to wipe it off. It'll feel like sandpaper and be just about as good for your skin.


Bang for Your Buck:

Price: Under $5

Is it worth it? Totally. For less than five bucks, you get 3.5 ounces of one of the all-time best classic beauty products, a clean face, and at least the illusion of younger skin. And when it comes to my beauty regime, I'm completely willing to settle for illusions, as long as they fool other people as well.