How to Be a Contestant on Family Feud

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Ever wanted to get your family together and play the Feud? Here's how you can apply to play and get the opportunity to whoop it up with Steve Harvey.

Family Feud has several different ways for you to apply to be a contestant.

Before you submit an application or attend a casting call, however, you'll need to make sure that you're eligible. Since Feud is played as a team game and teams are made up of family members, there are extra requirements for this show that may not exist for others. Eligibility requirements for Feud are posted when casting is underway, but a few guidelines for you to keep in mind are:

  • All family members on the team must be related to each other by blood, marriage, or adoption.
  • Nobody on the team may be related to anyone working for Debmar-Mercury or any other company directly associated with the production of the show. Likewise, no team member may be running for political office.
  • If any team member has been on Family Feud before, his or her appearance must have occurred ten years ago or longer.
  • No team member may have appeared on more than two game shows in the past 12 months.
  • Plan for more than five family members to audition - some will get cut, but you'll have a better chance at having the type of players the casting staff is looking for.
  • All contestants must be a legal resident of the U.S.

Just like any other game show, Feud is looking for contestants that are interesting and enthusiastic.

Still think you and your family would be perfect for the show? Then it's time to choose how you'd like to apply!

How to Apply for Family Feud

Your first stop in your quest for contestant-dom is the official Family Feud website. There you'll find all of the details for the various application methods. You'll also want to check out the actual eligibility requirements (as they can change), and read all of the available information about becoming a contestant. Remember, you'll need to follow all instructions and adhere to all of the rules if you want to have a chance at playing the game.

The first way to apply is to attend an open casting call. These calls are set up throughout the year, so keep checking the website to find out when and where they're being held. Also read up to find out what you'll need to bring with you, like photo ID and a completed application form for example.

You can also apply for Family Feud online. This option is perfect for anyone who can't wait until a casting call hits their hometown. In order to apply online, you'll have to create a video submission of you and your family and make sure that all of the family members who you want on your team are included in the video. Once the video is complete you have the option of uploading it to YouTube or mailing in a DVD copy.

If you choose to apply with a video, make sure you follow all of the instructions on the Family Feud site's tryout page. There are details about format and what they want to see, so don't forget to note all of the requirements and stick to them.

If you ever have questions about applying to be a contestant on Family Feud, you can contact their extremely handy Contestant Department Hotline at 1-323-762-8467. Good luck to those who apply!