The 5 Best Parodies of the BBC Dad Video

"I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars."

In March of 2017, the entire internet fell instantly in love with a family whose hilariously real video went seriously viral. During a BBC Skype interview with Robert E. Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, his spunky four year-old daughter barged into his office while he was live on the air. The best part of the scene was the way she barged in; this little girl strutted in with more attitude than RuPaul working a runway in Milan, and all we could do was sit back and laugh!

Although the working-from-home dad tried valiantly to maintain his dialogue with the interviewer, he was clearly distracted as he attempted to halfheartedly shove his kid out of the camera shot. 

Next came her baby brother in his walker, adding even more joy and laughter to the chaotic scene, before finally Kelly's wife Kim Jung-A came flying in to grab her children and quickly usher them out of Dad's office.

The whole scene took just a few minutes, but working parents everywhere could definitely relate! After the BBC uploaded the clip to YouTube it quickly amassed over 22 million views, and it didn't take long before the parody videos started rolling in. Below you'll find the top 5 funniest parodies of the BBC Dad video that is poised to become one of the most popular viral clips of all time.

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Here's The Original BBC Dad Video That Started It All

Via YouTube/BBC News.

Here's the original "Daddus Interruptus" video that made us all laugh so hard. Kelly told The Wall Street Journal, "I made this minor mistake that turned my family into YouTube stars."

Yes, folks, this is what can happen when you have kids and you forget to lock your office door!

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Jono and Ben Swap The Genders

Jono and Ben BBC Dad parody
Via YouTube/Jono and Ben.

"Jono and Ben" is a satirical news and entertainment TV show in New Zealand. The show decided to put their own spin on the BBC Dad video, swapping out dad for a busy working mom who handled things a little bit differently. Instead of shoving her child behind her, "BBC Mom" invites the kids in, continues talking as if nothing has happened, and even pulls a roasted chicken out of the oven at one point.

The video surpassed 17 million views in just a few days on the web, and with good reason: It's hilarious and so accurate. Moms truly can multi-task like no others!

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Droids Interrupt Darth Vader Interview

Star Wars BBC Dad parody
Via YouTube/Jack Of All Genius.

Rule of the Internet: If it exists, there is a Star Wars spoof of it. YouTuber Jack of All Genius made this funny clip of Darth Vader being interviewed by the Emperor on live Skype when those pesky droids R2-D2 and BB-8 come rolling in.

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The Daily Show Makes It Political

Spicer Trump BBC Dad spoof
Via Twitter @TheDailyShow.

The Daily Show tweeted out this hysterical animated gif of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in place of the BBC Dad, and naughty toddlers Donald J. Trump and Ben Carson doing the barging in. Who comes flying into the room to shoo them out? Kellyanne Conway, of course! This is 5 seconds of pure comedy gold.

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That's Not The Nanny

BBC Dad Tow-Arboleda Films parody
Via YouTube/Tow-Arboleda Films.

Tow-Arboleda Films based their funny spoof on the fact that many viewers incorrectly assumed that Kelly's wife was the nanny. In this version, the faux BBC Dad is interrupted by an array of characters who are not who we assume them to be. Stay to the end to see what he's wearing under that desk!

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KevOnStage's Hot Take

BBC Dad spoof
Via YouTube/KevOnStage.

YouTuber KevOnStage enlisted his brothers to videobomb his very important interview in this clip. Kev's younger brother really nails the little girl's spunky strut, but honestly, it's Kev's sweet smile as he's trying not to laugh that makes this video a true winner.

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