25 Hilarious Bathroom Design Fails You Have To See To Believe

On second thought, I'll just hold it

Via reddit u/Montrosian.

As much as we hate to admit it, we all have to use the bathroom from time to time. We're only human, after all. Most of the time, bathrooms are pretty standard places: toilet, sink, soap - how hard is that? But once in awhile you step into a commode so unusual and badly designed that you feel like you've entered the Twilight Zone! Check out 25 photos from Reddit's r/CrappyDesign that might make you decide to just hold it until you get back to home base.

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Come On In And Have A Seat

Via reddit u/sqgrundlepunch.

What, you want privacy when dropping a deuce? Well LA-DEE-DA, your majesty

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If I Fits, I Sits

Via reddit u/amt1153.

Here you've got everything you could possibly want inside a bathroom: Sink, toilet, bathtub. So what if they're all just jumbled in the space every which way? They all work, don't they? 

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Privacy Schmivacy

Via reddit u/GoatAndYourMum.

At least there's some semblance of privacy in these way too-high bathroom stalls. I guess? 

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What Is This? A Bathroom For Ants?

Via reddit u/the_flynn.

This photo was uploaded to Reddit with the caption, "This bathroom in a house I was shown by my realtor."

Let us guess; the real estate listing said this tiny space was "cozy" or "quaint." All the better to lure in those unsuspecting house hunters only to shock them with the truth of how people really live.

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Nice Flooring

Via reddit u/Luna_Lovelace.

Because everybody likes having a crowd of people reaching towards you while you're sitting there doing your business. 

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We Supply Toilet Paper. Come and Get It!

Via reddit u/bogus594.

This is secretly how the school district saves money on paper products. Just make the kids grab their wad of toilet paper on the way into the stall so they'll use less. Genius!

Just don't forget to grab it, because then you'll have to do that awkward crab-walk out of the stall while praying no one comes in.

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A Perfect Fit

Via reddit u/bogus594.

Now this is a classic You Had One Job moment! What's that old carpenter saying? "Cut once, measure never?" Yeah, that's it.

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Talk About "Crappy" Design

Via reddit u/bergerNfries.

If it's okay by you, I'd prefer to install the sink that doesn't look like somebody wiped feces all over it. Call me old fashioned, but so be it. 

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Ooooh, Whatcha Doing?

Via reddit u/Chester_117.

All this needs is a set of googly eyes to make it true internet gold. As we know, adding googly eyes makes everything better.

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This Pink Really Stinks

Via reddit u/plebeian_lifestyle.

If you can set aside the fact that this room is cotton candy pink from top to bottom, it's not so bad. It's not like we NEED leg room when using the john. Oh, who are we kidding? This thing makes us feel so claustrophobic we need to start breathing into a paper bag.

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A Room With A View

Via reddit u/Speed_Cuber.

Wait, what's the problem? Don't you enjoy putting on a show for whomever you're sharing the hotel room with?

We've seen lots of funny hotel fails, but this one really takes the cake.

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What A Time Saver!

Via reddit u/careynotcarrie.

This photo was taken in a rental apartment in Paris. We had no idea that the French were such multi-taskers. In this flat, you can relax during your morning constitutional and make yourself breakfast at the same time. Go ahead and start the coffee and throw some eggs in a skillet, all while taking your morning poop. It just makes sense! 

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Hope That's Not The Same Pipe

Via reddit u/Wild_Dodo.

Why does the water in this fountain taste so funny?

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Always Use The Buddy System

Via reddit u/Greatjobdani.

Hey, conjoined twins need to use the restroom too, you know. (Because there are so many conjoined twins walking around.)

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This Door Really Lets The Light In

Via reddit u/Supposively.

File this one under: "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

Might I interest you in a nice set of curtains? 

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Finally, A Stall For The Well-Endowed

Via reddit u/NameLastname.

It's about time, isn't it fellas?  

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It's Not A Mistake; It's Artistic

Via reddit u/cruleworld.

This bathroom caters to a very specific clientele. Every possible height is accommodated, from very short to very tall. 

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It's a Poop-Off

Via reddit u/Montrosian.

This restroom is perfect for all those times when you just don't want to pause the conversation so one of you can do your thing. Or for staring contests. Or... okay, that's it. That's all I've got. 

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For Close Friends Only

reddit u/ Llim.

VERY close. 

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Great Soap Dispenser Placement

Via reddit u/Dr_Worm88.

We have no idea why this electrical outlet keeps shorting out. Must be a fuse thing. 

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Step Right Up

Via Smosh.

For those who thought calling it a "throne room" was a joke. It wasn't. 

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Not A Great Look

Via reddit u/atcsean.

If you want your bathroom walls to look like something out of American Psycho, we have just the design for you.

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Quite A Reach

Via Funny Or Die.

This is the epitome of the expression "design flaw." First of all, who could reach that TP roll? Secondly, what happens when you turn the shower on? 

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Don't Do Crack

Via reddit u/dunglue.

According to the Redditor who shared this image, you can look right through the cracks in this office restroom and "make eye contact" with your coworkers. Awkward! 

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Have Fun Trying To Find The TP

Via Pinterest.

"They'll never think to look for it under here!" *evil laughter* 

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