Bass Tournament Trails In Georgia

Fishing Bass Tournament Trails In Georgia

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If you want to fish a bass tournament in Georgia you are in luck. We have a huge variety of types of tournaments to fish, from club tournaments where a few dollars pays your entry fee to big trails costing hundreds of dollars to enter. And every lake in the state big enough to float a boat seems to have tournaments on it.

Many tournament anglers want to fish something between the club level and upper professional trails. You can choose a trail that visits several lakes around the state or pick one that concentrates on one or two lakes. You have a choice of fishing a team trail where you and your partner work together for a limit of fish or try a draw tournament where you can go as a boater or no-boater.

Entry fees range from less than $50 to over $200 per tournament and payouts range from a few hundred dollars for first place to a fully rigged boat, motor, and trailer worth many thousands of dollars. Some trails allow you to advance to bigger tournaments and you can test your skills to see what level is right for you.

Even if you don't have a big bass boat there are trails held on smaller lakes where only electric motors are allowed and jon boats are the norm. These team trails allow you and your partner to fish from a small boat and lower the expenses since the only gas you use is getting to the lake.

These are a sample of what you can try:

Individual Draw Tournaments

Three Bass Fishing League (BFL) trails fish Georgia lakes. The Bulldog Division fishes lakes within the state. The Savannah River Trail fishes lakes that border South Carolina or are in South Carolina and the BAMA Division fishes some of our lakes that border Alabama. You can advance to the bigger FLW trails through the BFLs.

The Bass Angler Sportsman Society (BASS) Weekend Series are one-day draw tournaments held around Georgia and you can use them as a stepping stone to the bigger BASS events.

Team Tournament Trails

There are many choices in team trails. The Berry's Trail offers teams a chance at fairly big cash prizes and has a Classic you can qualify for and try for the $10,000 prize.

The American Bass Anglers (ABA) runs four trails in Georgia. Two fish a variety of mid-Georgia lakes while the two others hold all their tournaments on one lake, either West Point or Eufaula. Fishermen For The Hungry and Fishermen of Men have trails in Georgia with championships at the end.

The Valley Sportsman Trail and C and R Trail both offer partner tournament trails with the Valley tournaments concentrating on lakes on the lower Chattahoochee River and the C and R Trail running three different trails in the state.

The West Georgia Bass Club is one of the biggest buddy trails in the state and they have a series of tournaments and a championship held on lakes on the west side of Georgia and some Alabama lakes.

Women can enter any of the tournaments, either as one of the partners or the team can be two women. The HD Trail also offers a Couples trail for men and women to fish as partners.

Jon Boat Trails

Three trails are available to the jonboat angler and they join together for a championship. Try Southern Jon boat Anglers, Lil Waters Bassin or High Voltage Bass Anglers if fishing smaller waters from electric powered boats suits you.

If you want to fish tournaments you have no excuse to miss out, there is a trail suitable to your needs.