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Learn to read and form bass piano chords and inversions, with left-handed keyboard fingering, bass staff notation, and interval breakdowns.

Major Bass Piano Chords

Maj bass piano chords.

A major chord is built with a root, a major third, and a perfect fifth. Major chords are known for their pleasant, positive, or triumphant moods:
▪ Easy Major Piano Triads for the Left Hand
▪ Major
▪ Major 7th & Dominant 7th Bass Chords

Minor Bass Piano Chords

Min bass piano chords.

A minor chord is built with a root, a minor third, and a perfect fifth. These chords are known for being somber and melancholy, and can effectively evoke a sense of desperation, urgency, or apathy:
 ▪ Minor
▪ Minor 7th & Minor M7 Bass Chords

Diminished Bass Piano Chords

Dim bass piano chords.

A diminished chord is built with a root, a minor third, and a diminished fifth. Diminished chords — which can sound bizarre, enigmatic, confused, or dissonant — are natural occurrences; there is one diminished chord in each musical key:
 ▪ Diminished 7th & Half-Diminished Bass Chords

Augmented Bass Piano Chords

Aug bass piano chords.

An augmented chord has a root, a major third, and an augmented fifth. Like the diminished chord, its sound is slightly “off-center.” But the augmented chord tends to be happier and less ambiguous than its diminished cousin, and does not occur naturally in any key:
▪ Augmented Bass Piano Triads
▪ Augmented 7th & Augmented M7 Bass Chords

Suspended Bass Piano Chords

Sus bass piano chords.

A suspended chord has a root, a suspended 2nd or 4th, and a perfect fifth. The suspended note replaces the third:
▪ Suspended 4th Bass Piano Triads
▪ Suspended 2nd Bass Piano Triads
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