Barnaby Haszard Morris


  • A sports journalist specializing in cricket and its culture in New Zealand, India, and the United Kingdom who has written for the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) organization
  • Owns and operates the Behind the Sightscreen a cricket blog and Jdanspsa Wyksu, a weblog about film, music, and culture


Barnaby Haszard Morris is a former writer for ThoughtCo writing for nearly four years about the sport of cricket. He also writes about arts, culture, and entertainment for a variety of publications around the world. Morris gained a broad perspective of the world, from his birthplace in the United Kingdom, and then as a child, moving and living in New Zealand and India. He was able to see the life and the game of cricket through the lens of the other cultures. 

After graduating from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2006, Morris worked in public relations, English instruction, and as a copywriter. He began work as a content writer and editor for in 2006. Here, he wrote over 150 articles on topics including politics, culture, food, personal experiences, and sports such as cricket and rugby. 

After a brief stint in radio monitoring, Morris returned to copywriting for the New Zealand Asian Foundation. Some of the events he covered included cricket and other cultural events in the Wellington area. Morris operates two personal blogs. The first, Behind the Sightscreen, devotes itself to cricket match reviews and experiences. The second, Jdanspsa Wyksu is a weblog about film, music, and cultures of Japan, New Zealand, India, and the United Kingdom.


Morris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Film Studies, Anthropology, and French from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in 2006.

Awards and Publications
  • Held role of a Prefect and Sacristan of King's College of Auckland in 2002
  • The Cost Of India's 25,000 Employment Visa Rule for The NRI
  • Operates two personal blogs: Behind the Sightscreen and Jdanspsa Wyksu

A Message from Barnaby Haszard Morris

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