Barely There Eyeliner

How To: Wear the Most Natural Eyeliner Look

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In a world of winged eyeliner, smoky eyes and more visible makeup trends, we are sometimes left wondering how to enhance our makeup in the most natural of ways. Eyeliner is one of the most utilized products in our beauty routines, but not everyone wants it to look dramatic. One of the best tricks for lining the eyes is actually quite simple, and so natural that no one can tell you're wearing anything.

Here are some easy and simple steps on how to wear and apply the most natural looking eyeliner:

1. What You Need: Invest in a good eyeliner. An eyeliner that stays put without smudging is essential, helping your eye makeup stay intact all day. When creating a thin line for clients, I usually opt for a waterproof eyeliner in a deep black or brown color. You can switch up the color depending on your mood, to maybe a plum or aubergine. Black and brown shades are ones you will use the most and go with everything. Not a fan of pencil liner? Opt for a gel eyeliner that comes in a pot instead.

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Makeup Artist Tip: Be sure to remove eye makeup each night with your preferred remover, as this is imperative to keeping your eyes clear and free from infections.

Makeup wipes or liquid removers are ideal, find one you love and don't forget this important step in your nightly skincare routine.

2. The Key to Natural Eyeliner: This is when you can apply your eyeshadow, or none at all if that's what you choose. Once you finish doing that, use an eyeliner brush and color the tip of the brush with your pencil.

Get enough eyeliner on the brush, and position it as close to the lash line as possible. The great thing about eyeliner application brushes, is that they are nice and thin, and can really get in between those lashes. Press the brush into the lash line, following the natural curve of the eye. You will see a barely-there thin line start to form, and you can repeat this across the entire eyelid until you feel your look is complete. 

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Makeup Artist Tip: Do you find sometimes that after applying mascara you can still see white gaps in between your lashes? Depending on your eye shape, sometimes skin gaps or the inner lid can be visible, and it can create the illusion your eye makeup isn't blended properly. Simply take your pencil and start filling in those gaps in between the lashes. You can  lift your eyelid ever so slightly to fill in the top waterline, lightly filling with your pencil as to not poke yourself. This will create a thicker line from underneath, maintaining a perfectly filled in lash line that also looks natural.

3. Finish With Full Eyelashes: Curl your lashes and apply two coats of thickening mascara that will get the lashes nice and full.

Mascara is essential to this look because it wakes up the eyes, and lets you get away with wearing less eyeshadow or none at all, if you don't feel like it or run out of time. When applying mascara to the lashes, be sure to start at the base of the lash and then wiggle the wand all the way through to the top. This will ensure you don't miss any lashes and each one gets properly coated. With the perfect amount of eyeliner and mascara, you will finish the look off seamlessly. 

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4. Remove Your Eye Makeup Properly: It's imperative to remove makeup properly each night before bed, especially liner, shadow, and mascara. This way your makeup doesn't irritate your eyes or cause infection if left on too long.

Using a makeup remover that takes everything off, especially anything waterproof is ideal. Simply apply the eye makeup remover to a cotton pad and soak on the eye for less than a minute before wiping the product off entirely.

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