Barack Obama's Trademark Suit Has Everyone Talking

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The Obama Suit

President And Mrs. Obama Return To The White House
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The suit that Barack Obama has been sporting is grabbing the attention of style magazines and average guys alike. His suits are custom tailored by Hartmarx, which is a 121-year-old Chicago based company and the largest suit maker in the United States. Since Obama has made his particular suit popular, even the Hartmarx CEO has started to wear them. The Obama suit, as it is often called, is always the same style and material -- a two-button, single-breasted suit jacket and single pleated pant with inch-and-a-quarter cuffs, and is made of a 97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere blend.

And I certainly wish more men would dress like Barack Obama. His look is classy, yet refreshingly simple -- dark suits, a white dress shirt and a gorgeous blue or red tie (most of the time). His suits are tailored to fit giving him a nice slim silhouette. When he is being casual, he simply takes off his suit jacket and rolls up his sleeves to mid-forearm -- no fuss yet always looking sharp. Take note guys!

You can pick up a 100% worsted wool version of "The Obama Suit" under the Hart Schaffner Marx label (the Gold Trumpeter collection) from $695 to $795.

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A Gorgeous Red Tie

Barack Obama Campaigns In Florida And North Carolina
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A white dress shirt and a gorgeous red tie with diagonal white stripes is a winning look.

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Classy and Classic

Barack Obama Holds Election Night Gathering In Chicago's Grant Park
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Even on election night in 2008, Barack Obama sported his suit of choice. He also wore an amazing tie.

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Barack Exudes Elegance

Obama, With Former Presidents Bush And Clinton, Speaks On Haiti
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Guys should take note that you can keep it simple and still look amazing. This is an especially good policy if you are dressing on a budget.

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Keeping it Real

President Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton In Orlando, Florida
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Barack forgoes his suit jacket and simply rolls up his sleeves to mid-forearm to be casual. There's a Kennedy-like elegance to the way he pulls this off.

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Ties that Pop

Obama Addresses Democratic State Legislators
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A sumptuous tie can really add zing as we can see here.

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Barack's Signature Blue Tie Look

President Obama Delivers Address On Economy At Northwestern University
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As stated earlier, Barack seems to switch between red and blue ties -- very presidential.

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Simple Overcoat

We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration At The Lincoln Memorial
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A simple black wool overcoat and a matching scarf is a fitting choice for Barack's keep it simple attitude towards dressing.

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Signature White Shirt and Red Tie

Save to Board Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Participate In Second Presidential Debate
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This is an easy look to copy and it can be done in a very inexpensive way. A classic white shirt and simple red tie can be found at just about any men's store.

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Barack's Slender Frame

President-Elect Barack Obama Observes Veterans Day In Chicago
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Barack Obama's tall, slender frame certainly adds to his elegant look. Clothes look good on him.