Ballet Technique Checklist

ballerina dancing in beautiful rehearsal room
Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

So, you'd like to improve your ballet technique? Here's a simple checklist to follow during every ballet class. As a ballet dancer, you must be aware of your entire body during every ballet movement. In order to improve your ballet technique, you need to think about several parts of your body while performing at the barre as well as in the center. The following is a checklist to help you remember key elements of good ballet technique. Keep this checklist handy in your dance bag for a quick glance before your next ballet class.


  1. Overall Body Alignment:
    • Tight stomach
    • Straight back
    • Relaxed shoulders
    • Tucked bottom
    • Soft hands
    • Long neck
  2. Hip Placement: Strive to keep your hips square. Never open your hip unless your instructor advises you to.
  3. Straight Knees: Straighten your knees using your thigh muscles, not your knee joints.
  4. Pretty Feet: Point and stretch your feet at all times, and concentrate on keeping them turned out.
  5. Head Placement: Hold your chin up. A ballet dancer should never look down.
  6. Attitude: Relax and have fun. Ballet dancing should always appear effortless.