Bad Ads: 10 Hilarious Photoshop Fails In Advertising

In advertising, Photoshop can be your best friend...or your worst enemy!

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to creating compelling advertising campaigns. Fashion designers, magazines, celebrities, and graphic designers have come to rely on this hugely popular software editing program to make people look their best, add products to photos in post-production, fix issues in badly-taken photographs, and more. Yet sometimes, in the wrong hands, Photoshop can cause more harm than good.

Over the years, we have been exposed to a large number of amusing fashion fails and celebrity fails resulting from bad Photoshop editing work. Let's turn now to corporate advertising campaigns that started off as a great idea on paper, but then spiralled into utter failure territory when the photo editing went terribly, hilariously awry.

All images courtesy of the now-defunct but formerly awesome blog, Photoshop Disasters.

Totsy Baltex


This is one of those Photoshop disasters that is as bewildering as it is laughable!  In this ad for a push-up bra, the model's elbow is inexplicably stretched to ridiculous proportions.

Remember the scary cop in Terminator 2: Judgment Day who could turn into liquid metal?  This is kind of like that, only even weirder.


When shopping online for a new purse, most women have a few requirements.  Things like size, color, material, and whether or not it has straps to carry it by are all helpful selling points.  Thank goodness Overstock has this neat zoom feature so you can make sure the purse has everything you want from it, including functional straps.

Nice job, guys.  Slow clap.



I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any of these smoothing fat-sucker-inners in my lingerie drawer.  Most women recognize that sausage casings like this come in handy under certain materials, or on days when those jeans just feel a little too snug.

However.  Sucking in the flab and smoothing out the rolls is one thing, but turning your torso into a bizarre, breastless tube is quite another!  Have these designers ever even seen a woman before?



What is more refreshing that cute girls set against a juicy orange background, holding out their favorite soda with their stumpy deformed arms?

Wait, what was that last part again?

Yes, the people at Fanta really messed this ad up. There are actually so many Photoshop problems here, it's hard to choose just one to laugh at! Between the overly-smooth doll skin, the stumpy arms, and the fact that the models' legs all dissolve into superimposed fake fruit, this is a winner of a fail, through and through.



One would think that a huge brand like Samsung would have a big budget for Photoshopping their ads plausibly. One would be incorrect in that assumption.

Beach Mall


All Beach Mall wanted to do was show a lovely model lounging on their fancy new chaise lounge. Unfortunately, the model must have ticked someone off during the photo shoot, because in post-production this normal picture was edited so badly that the model ended up with a total face transplant!

It's hard to believe that someone looked at this crazy photo and said, "That looks good.  No one will ever notice that we rearranged her face.  Let's go with it!"

Canadian Tire


When advertising a playset, would it be so hard to actually take a photo of real children playing on it?  It would seem that the answer is no, since this Canadian company decided to Photoshop a bunch of totally fake-looking kids onto this set.  

Totino's Pizza Rolls


 We've got to hand it (no pun intended) to the people at Totino's for not being afraid to feature a child with clearly deformed fingers in this ad for their tasty pizza rolls.  Bravo, guys.  Bravo.

J. Crew


This is one of those disasters that makes you wonder if the graphic artist responsible for it was suddenly stricken blind while editing.  What happened to the other half of this little girl?

Pixar Cars


 Uh, mom?  Your hand is in my "special area!"  So inappropriate!

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