Back Hair Removal at Home

Remove It Yourself with These Tools

Removing back hair by shaving is a fairly quick solution for nixing all types of hair- from the peach fuzz to the all out hairy. It doesn’t require a salon or spa appointment, and if done correctly, is painless. With all types of razors and groomers on the market you have your options for getting smooth- even on your own.

We get it, requesting help to remove unwanted back hair may not be a question you really want to ask to anyone. Even if you have someone you feel extremely comfort with, you may not want that special someone to know all your grooming secrets.

Enter the ManGroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. It's a rechargeable do-it-yourself back shaving device that has a handle that locks into place and a power burst button to shave through extra thick hair. It has two interchangeable attachment shaving heads. A wide blade for larger areas and a foil body groomer to keep it maintained.

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Prefer a close shave? Razorba Back Shavers also allow for do-it-yourself grooming. A manual razor is simply attached to their manly named groomers- War Hammer, Silencer and the Classic. Their SUM3X Power which is an electric razor with the War Hammer built in, so you have two options for shaving that can be powered up wet or dry. 

You'll just have to check compatibility as each model slightly differs on which name-brand razors can be used. They also carry their own double blade extra wide razor, G.O.A.T. that can be worked in any of their shavers.

What about applying the shaving cream or gel to yourself? They have that covered with the Razorba Stud Stamper (compare prices), a brush that can be used with any of their back shavers.

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This works by using a fully extendable, lightweight device with a patent- approved four inch wide safety blade with claims of reducing the risk of getting cut. No shaving cream or gel is needed here. Preferably using a mirror so you can see clearly, the back shaver is held with the teeth facing the skin while dragging it across the hair. 

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The easiest thing to do is to ask someone for a little assistance. Although it may be embarrassing, it’s the most economical route. (Well, they may expect a dinner after this project.) If someone is kind enough to do your grooming, set them up for success with these tips for a smooth and close shave, including how to prevent post-shaving bumps and razor rash.

How to Shave Back Hair

You may not want to start out with a manual razor, if you don't completely trust their skills. Try an electric razor made for men's grooming like Philips Norelco BodyGroom (read review). It can be used wet or dry, comes with clipper attachments and has a hypoallergenic shaving foil that's gentle on the skin when shaving hair totally off. More »

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Waxing, unlike shaving, uplifts hair from the follicle. It does take more time and can be uncomfortable in the pain department, but it's often worth it getting weeks of smooth hairless skin. Shaving needs to be done every couple of days to keep the back hairless. If the back is waxed often, over time it can damage the follicle so hair stops growing or comes back finer.

You definitely cannot wax your own back. Technically someone else could do the work, but I'd definitely recommend going to a professional which will get you hairless fairly quickly and you'll have less chance of side effects with a skilled tech. Here's what you need to know about back waxing. 

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