Back Exercises for Golfers

The golf swing isn't easy on our backs; all that twisting and bending can lead to back pain or even injury, but these back exercises for golfers will help to avoid back pain and injury. Some focus on the lower back, others on the upper back and overall core strength to prevent strain and stress on the spine.

As with all exercises, be sure to consult your physician before beginning any new physical workout routine, especially if you are already suffering back pain.

Golf fitness relies on a strong core, upper body, and firm stance, but also on a strict exercise routine that will help prevent injury and muscle tension while on the course. Read on to discover 8 easy exercises for golf.

Two Stretches For Preventing Back Pain

Senior man stretching and touching toes on golf course.
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The two simple stretches described in this article are targeted at golfers who sometimes suffer achy backs. They are easy enough that you can even do them in an office chair while sitting at your work desk.

The first, the seated twist, is pictured above and stretches the muscles in the lower back by grabbing onto a seat and twisting the upper body fully yet gently as far to each side as possible.

The second, the seated hamstring stretch, is performed by elevating one foot on your desk with the knee slightly bent and reaching for your ankle with your back straight as possible.

Seated Russian Twist

Here's an exercise with benefits to various parts of the golfer's body — the abdominals and obliques plus the lower back, benefiting the entire mid-section—and you don't even have to be Russian to do it!

A variation on the seated twist, the Russian twist is performed while sitting, but this time on the ground with knees bent like pictured above.

As with the seated twist, with your back straight, place your arms on one side of your body, twisting your abs, obliques, and lower back gently in that direction then repeat in the other direction.

Openers: A Preventive Back Exercise

Most golfers will encounter back pain at some point during their playing days. Back exercises for golf are a good way of trying to stave off such problems, and "Openers" is the name of one exercise that's great for preventing back injury.

Openers starts with the golfer lying on his side with legs and knees bent at 90-degree angles and the arms stretched out straight along the floor, then the golfer pulls his right arm back in a straight line behind him, attempting to reach the floor on the other side while keeping his other legs pressed together in their original position, which stretches all the way from the hip up through the shoulders.

Straight Leg Rotational Stretch

This one is actually titled "Straight Leg Rotational Hamstring Stretch," but it's an exercise that benefits the back, too. Improving flexibility is the aim here.

Keeping your back straight and with one leg slightly forward, stretch over attempting to touch your toes on the leading foot, then repeat with the opposite foot outstretched.

Golf Warmup Stretches

The link here takes you to Page 5 of a 10-page tutorial on pre-golf warmup stretching. Page 5 highlights a Lateral Back Stretch that you can do on the course before teeing off. Page 7 showcases a Lower Back/Trunk Rotation exercise that, again, you can do on the course before teeing off. Page through the full article to view some other great stretches that are easy to incorporate into a warmup routine.

Spine Stretch for Better Golf Posture

Many golfers display a "hump" in their upper back when they set up to the golf ball. It's not necessarily a real hump, but it looks that way because of slouching. The correct golf posture is important, and this spine stretch—using a Swiss ball (also known as a fitness ball)—helps stretch out the upper back and combat the hump.

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