How to Do Back Crossovers On Ice Skates

New ice skaters can't wait to try back crossovers. This step-by-step tutorial gives some back crossover basics.

Note: The back crossovers done by advanced figure skaters are sometimes called "cutbacks." Both blades are left on the ice in order to gain speed. Beginners are sometimes first taught to lift the foot up and over to make the back crossover. This tutorial teaches the more advanced "cutback" method.

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Begin Back Half Swizzle Pump

Woman sitting on bench in winter landscape putting on ice skates
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Start by doing a back half swizzle pump on an imaginary circle. The foot on the inside of the circle should be on a back outside edge and the foot that does the pumping should be on a back inside edge.

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Continue Back Half Swizzle

Ice skating with speed towards sun in Holland
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Continue to do the back half swizzle. The foot that will cross over should be slightly ahead of the other foot and should remain on the ice. The feet should be pointing in the same direction.

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Slide Front Foot Over

An Ice Skater Does Back Crossovers
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Next, slide the front foot over the other foot and begin the actual crossover. The foot that crosses over should be on the back inside edge. The other skate should stay on the back outside edge.

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Use Front Skate to Create a Complete Cross

An Ice Skaters Does Back Crossovers
An Ice Skaters Does Back Crossovers. YinYang / E+ Collection / Getty Images

Begin to complete the crossover by using the front ice skate to create a complete cross. Some power should be gained as this occurs.

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Completely Cross Over

Young female figure skater moving on ice rink at competition
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As power is gained, the feet will be completely crossed as skater glides backward.

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Repeat Back Half Swizzle Pump

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Take the foot that was under out from under the crossed feet and do the back half swizzle pump again to begin another back crossover.

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Repeat Back Crossovers

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Repeat the back crossovers again and again.