Top 10 Bachata Songs

From Hector Acosta to Domenic Marte

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Bachata songs may be the 'music of bitterness,' but they're also the music of romance — well, usually unsuccessful romance. It is a fitting backdrop to those moments when you are feeling hopeless and blue, but the music is often so pretty that it somehow is never depressing.

Here's a playlist of some of my favorite bachata songs. Feel free to sing along!

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Hector Acosta - "Me Voy"

Hector Acosta left the popular Los Toros Band in 2006 to form his orchestra, a move that gained him an even larger following. The first album of this venture, 2006's Sigo Siendo Yo, generated the fan favorites "Me Voy" and "Primavera Azul." "Me Voy" featuring Anthony "Romeo' Santos from Aventura, also appeared on 2008's Mitad Mitad.

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Einllo - "Te Buscaria"

Einllo is a Dominican/Puerto Rican singer, currently from New York via New Jersey. He's primarily a salsa singer although this bachata appeared on his debut album, Eternamente.

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Aventura - "Mi Corazoncito"

Currently, the biggest name in urban bachata, Aventura has had over 20 hits emerge from their six studio albums. "Mi Corazoncito" was the big winner during the 2008 awards season taking home 'best song' at Premio Lo Nuestro, Billboard Latin Music, and ASCAP Latin Music Awards.

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Yoskar Sarante - "No Tengo Suerte En El Amor"

A well-known name among bachateros, Yoskar Sarante, is involved with nueva bachata, sometimes called 'bachateo' which is a mix of reggaeton and bachata. Whether a track is Dominican reggaeton, bachata or bachateo, the themes are almost always romantic.

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Angel Y Khriz - "Carita De Angel" (Version Bachata)

Although Angel & Khriz are billed as a reggaeton duo from the Luny Tunes stable of artists, their reggaeton is from the Dominican Republic which means there's lots of musical mixture with other music from their home island and they often perform the same tune in different styles. This is the bachata version of "Carita de Angel."

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Monchy & Alexandra - "No Es Una Novela"

Dominican Monchy & Alexandra have almost single-handedly (or double-handedly) brought bachata to the top of the charts — well, at least they were the first because Aventura has taken over the #1 spot. There were a lot of disappointed fans when the duo broke up in 2008. "No Es Una Novela" is arguably their biggest hit but it just never seems to get old, no matter how often its played on the airwaves.

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Alex Bueno - "Agarrense de las Manos"

Dominican singer/guitarist Alex Bueno has been recording Dominican music since 1979. He's fought personal demons and drug problems during some of those years, but his voice and music remain pure and popular.

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Daniel Moncion - "Decidi"

The songs of Daniel Moncion have been performed by some of the most popular bachateros including Frank Reyes, Monchy & Alexandra, and Alex Bueno. "Culpable" was the big hit from Moncion's sophomore album Decidi, but I like this one better.

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Erick Escobar - "Secreto de Amor"

"Secreto de Amor" is a ballad that was originally written by Joan Sebastian. It lends itself well to the bachata format and is sung here by Erick Escobar.

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Domenic Marte - "Yo Me Equivoco"

Another Dominican/Puerto Rican musician from the East Coast (Lawrence, MA), Dominic Marte composes much of his music. His 2004 debut album Intimamente earned him an "Artist of the Year' nomination at both the 2005 Premio Lo Nuestro and Billboard Latin Music Awards.