Babylights Highlight Technique

The Newest Highlight Trend

Babylights on blonde and brown hair
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There are a lot of options for highlighting your hair. From chunky highlights to hand-painted bayalage highlights and every kind of foiled highlight in between, it can be hard to choose the technique that would be best for your hair type. Well, not to cause more confusion, but let's add another technique in the mix that's taking over the hair world: babylights.​

Babylights are the latest hair highlighting technique that utilizes foil or a bayalage (hand painting) to create a beautiful natural looking highlight.

The technique isn't actually earth-shattering, in fact, it's really not very different from the standard foil highlights or the more modern bayalage highlights that you've likely been getting for years. The thing that makes babylights stand apart is the sectioning and spacing between foils. Babylights are created using micro sections; teeny tiny sections of hair are highlighted creating a subtly brighter and very natural looking highlight effect. It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail by a skilled colorist to get babylights just right.

Babylights can be added all over your head or strategically to frame your face or add brightness just where desired. Typically babylights are usually concentrated around the face to brighten up your hair and through the top/crown section of your hair to give a natural sun-kissed glow. Because they are also usually not more than two shades lighter than your base color, babylights can be processed using gentle lightener and results in less damage to your hair.

These micro highlights are great for creating depth and dimension, but don't let the term "micro" confuse you on the time or cost of these highlights. Because the sections are carefully placed and so small, placing babylights typically takes more time than traditional highlights. You can expect a babylights appointment to take more time and cost more than a traditional highlight.

Babylights highlights can be placed on any color of hair. The effect is meant to be subtle and natural like a child's natural hair color at the end of a fun summer outdoors. When babylights are applied to natural hair color, the outgrowth is seamless, allowing lower maintenance and more time between color appointments.