Baby Clothes Size: How Tight is Too Tight?

If The Legs Don't Snap, The Pants Are Too Tight.

Human hands putting baby clothing on a baby
Purestock / Getty Images

Baby sizes can be difficult to nail down when you have a baby that's growing like hot cakes, even if you're consulting a baby size and age chart before making your purchase. And inevitably, there always comes a point in time when you look at your favorite baby clothes outfit and say, "can he wear this just once more?"

If your answer is, "maybe," then the outfit should probably be taken out of rotation. You can donate it or consign it if you'd like, or maybe save it for a future sibling if you know that you want more children.

I have a friend that always dressed her baby in clothes that were far too tight. When she would pick him up out of his car seat, all the buttons - from leg-to-leg - would unsnap on his pants like a bunch of falling domino's. By the time she held him up, he looked like he was wearing a full-length skirt instead of a pair of jeans.

Pretty obvious that his clothes were too tight, right?

Here are a few other sure-fire ways to know when your baby is dressed in too-tight baby clothes:

  • You can't push the sleeves up without cutting off their circulation.
  • Their shirt is constantly rolling up over their belly button.
  • Their is a distinct line across your baby's belly where the elastic or buttons on his pants have been digging in to his skin.

Dressing your baby in clothes that are too small is bad for both of you. It can lead to skin rashes and irritation, digestive problems, and a really fussy baby. And when baby's not happy, no one is happy.

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