How To Do an Axel Figure Skating Jump

A Figure Skater Jumps
A Figure Skater Jumps. Photo by technotr - Getty Images

The Axel jump may be the hardest jump for many figure skaters. Once ice skaters master the Axel, the double jumps come quickly. This short article outlines some steps that will help a figure skater master an Axel jump.



Time Required:

Mastering an Axel jump takes much time. Some skaters take years to master an Axel.

Here's How:

  1. First do some back crossovers or do a forward inside mohawk.
  2. Next glide backward on an extended back outside edge.
  3. Step forward and bend the skating knee as if you are about to do a waltz jump and bend your arms and elbows back.
  4. With a swinging motion, bring your free leg in front; bend the free leg's knee as you swing the leg forward.
  5. Bring your arms forward and jump off the ice at the same time you swing the free leg forward.
  6. Pull your arms tightly to your chest and cross the original skating leg over the free leg.
  7. Rotate one and one-half revolutions in the air.
  8. Land first on your blade's toe pick and then glide onto a back outside edge.
  9. Bring your arms out and extend your free leg back as you land the jump.
  10. Hold the landing for a distance equal to your height.


  1. Do several backspins before attempting to do the Axel jump.
  2. Before attempting the axel jump, do the following "Axel walk-through exercise": step up and then do a short backspin and then pull out as if you were landing a jump.
  3. Practice waltz jump-loop combination jumps.
  4. Practice Axels in your shoes off the ice.
  5. Don't allow the arms to go higher than the chin or over your face.

What You Need:

  • All single jumps should be mastered before attempting an Axel jump.
  • A good backspin is necessary in order to do the Axel jump correctly.