Awesome Gymnastics Routines That Will Make You Think Differently About The Sport

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One-Legged Gymnast Kate Foster on Beam

This is one of the most inspiring things we've ever watched. Kate Foster was diagnosed with leukemia at 12, and one of her legs had to be amputated due to infection. She's now back, and competing again in gymnastics. And she's quite good.

Watch her on beam (BEAM!) here.

(Want to see more on her? Us too. There's also a great feature on her here, from the Today show. She's also into CrossFit. Needless to say, she is one amazing teenager.)

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Yekaterina Vandisheva on Beam

This warm-up routine from 1993 has been posted in gymnastics circles for years because it's simply gorgeous. The swing-through to Onodi at :31 is unique, and it's beautiful. The mount, so very hard, and yet so beautiful too. Every detail is polished, every pose, picture-worthy.

You've probably never heard of Yekaterina Vandisheva -- and we hadn't either. The word is that her career was cut short by a hand injury. Sad -- she had all of the makings of a star, during the Soviet and Russian dominance that was still a mainstay of the sport in the early '90s.

Watch her routine now.

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Kenzo Shirai on Vault

By now we know that Japanese gymnast Kenzo Shirai can pretty much do any twisting skill he can think up, including a quad twist on floor. It's why he's won two world championship titles on floor, as well as a silver medal.

Well, he's also done a Yurchenko 3.5 in training. Yes, it was training, but still... jaw-dropping.

Watch his vault.

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Melinda Baimbridge Beam Combo

You probably haven't heard of Melinda Baimbridge either (or if you have, it's not a name you've heard for quite some time.) Baimbridge was the 1997 US junior national beam champion, and you'll find out why, right now.

She performed this crazy combo -- a back handspring, layout, handspring to double back dismount -- in 1997, when she was 14 (though she looks even tinier.) From this camera angle it looks even more death-defying, if that's possible.

Watch it here.

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Paul Ruggeri on Uneven Bars

Nope, that's not a typo. US male artistic gymnast Paul Ruggeri put together a pretty decent uneven bar routine in 2013, complete with a Shaposhnikova, two overshoots, a Gienger, and a full-twisting double back dismount. He misses a few handstands along the way, but really, we're just giving him a hard time.

It's beyond impressive, since the uneven bars and high bar are so very different in size, and in the tap needed to attempt release moves. 

Watch Paul Ruggeri on uneven bars.

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LSU Gymnast Lloimincia Hall's Hip-Hop Floor Routine

This routine, from NCAA gymnast Lloimincia Hall, has roughly 2.5 million views, so there's a pretty strong chance you've seen it. But if you haven't, it's worth checking out because it's so different from typical floor routines.

It pretty much broke the internet in 2014 when it was first posted, getting coverage and commentary on all sorts of sites,, many that don't normally cover sports. Hall has since graduated but was one of the best floor workers in NCAA history, with four SEC titles on the event (that's one every year of her career!) and seven perfect 10.0s, including, of course, this one.

Watch Lloimincia Hall on floor.