Review: Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser

The number of people looking for an acne line that actually works ranks right up there with the number of people looking for an effective anti-aging skincare line. If you have acne, you know the struggle of trying to find an acne line that doesn't completely dry out your face and actually does what it claims it will do: eliminate or reduce your acne.

Consider the Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief Skin Care system if you're looking for an acne line that truly works. Aveda claims their Outer Peace system is 92% effective after four weeks of use. If you don't want to spend the money to commit to a full skincare system, the Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser is a fantastic place to start when trying these products.

The Details

The Outer Peace line is formulated with natural acne-fighting ingredients as well as plant and flower extracts. The Outer Peace skincare line consists of four products: the foaming cleanser, a cooling masque, acne relief lotion, and acne relief pads. Aveda claims that 92% of users saw a marked improvement in their acne after four weeks of daily use.

Aveda's salicylic acid is made with organic wintergreen essential oils. Other ingredients in the Outer Peace line include the plants tamanu, amla, Boswellia and saw palmetto. The fragrance is provided by certified organic lemon tea tree and rose geranium aroma and other pure flower and plant essences. Because the cleanser is plant-based, it has the typical aromatherapy scent that Aveda is known and loved for.

The Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser comes in a 4.2-ounce pump bottle, and all you need is a pump or two of product to cleanse your entire face. While you may be unimpressed with other cleansers that claim to be foaming, rest assured this cleanser really does foam and keeps its foamy consistency throughout the entire wash. Because it's a foam cleanser it lasts a lot longer than a cream or gel-based cleanser which makes it more cost-effective. Some reviewers remarked that it lasted up to two months.

Unlike many acne cleansers you'll find on the market that seem to strip away all of the moisture in your skin, the Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser doesn't leave your skin feeling tight and dry. I was surprised at just how gentle it was on my skin.

What Reviewers Say

When it comes to product reviews, the Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser ranks high, but as with any product, a few concerns were noted:

Many users commented on how gentle this cleanser is on their skin. This, of course, surprised them, as they were used to the typical dry, uncomfortable skin that comes as a result of most acne products. But some users thought it was too gentle. One user reported that it wasn't effective at taking off her makeup, so she removed her makeup with a cleansing wipe and continued to wash her face with the cleanser. If you use make-up we always recommend a double cleanse in the evening.

Many other reviewers say this is the acne product they've been searching for. Acne relief was noted as early as two weeks after using the Outer Peace line. Some users, however, reported that they enjoyed using the mild cleanser, but their acne didn't improve as much as they were hoping. Overall, there are definitely more positive reviews than negative ones concerning acne reduction when using this product regularly.

It should be noted that there is no extra packaging with the Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser. The container is made with 100% post-consumer PET. It also not tested on animals.

Updated by Hanah Tetro