Human Resources, Management, and Work Related Questions and Answers

Readers Have Asked Questions That You May Also Want to Know About, Too

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Reader Questions About HR and Management Topics

Do you have a question about Human Resources, management or work in general? Questions from readers are answered regularly. This is a consolidation of reader questions from the past so that all of you can benefit from answers that may fit questions that you have, too.

Please note that because of the amount of email received, it is difficult to personally respond to all questions. The questions most likely to receive a response are less personal and more universal in nature. Your questions and the answers need to assist the maximum number of readers.

Following is a list of the questions and answers posted, to date, by topic.

About HR Questions

Readers have many questions about the practice of Human Resources, in general. The answers provided in this section respond to common questions.

Careers in HR Questions

In addition to the general questions about HR, readers ask questions that are specific to starting and succeeding in a career in HR.

Compensation Questions

Readers ask many questions that are related to compensation because compensation in many organizations is never explained. This makes it a "not to be talked about" conversation so readers turn for advice.

Employee Career Questions

Frequently, readers ask questions that have to do with making progress in their careers. Career progress is a popular topic as it means more money, power, and satisfaction for many people.

Employee Discipline Related Questions

How does a reader approach various situations that require discipline? Discipline is a tricky subject for many employers because it is fraught with legal implications. They also want to treat employees fairly and with professionalism.

Employee Management and Relations Questions

How to effectively manage and interact with employees receives a lot of attention from readers. They want to identify the most effective ways to respond to various situations.

Hiring, Interviewing, and Selection Related Questions

Many questions relate to the experience of employers in trying to recruit, interview, and select candidates for their open jobs. These questions also relate to how organizations carry out the process of recruiting and hiring employees.

Interpersonal Relationships Questions

Interpersonal relationships and how to most effectively pursue managing them are covered by these answers to the questions of the HR content readers.

Job Candidate Questions

These are questions and answers that readers have about how to most effectively search for a job. The current job market is a candidate's market but it has not always been this way, and undoubtedly, this will change again in the future.

Performing Your HR Job Questions

These questions and answers relate directly to how HR professionals can best perform their jobs. Especially in a business climate that is beset by frequent threats of litigation, HR staff need nondiscriminatory, professionally appropriate approaches to handling most situations people experience at work.

Training, Development, and Assessment Questions

Workforce training, education, and development questions and answers are needed by employers. They realize that the ability to grow their skills and career is a key factor in how and why organizations retain their employees.

Workplace Policies Questions

Employers have many questions about when and how to make policy. Most workplaces have too many policies. This is because employers make policies to address the bad behavior of a few employees rather than addressing the behavior of the outlying employees individually.

The Bottom Line

Human Resources practitioners, managers, and even individual employees can benefit from the answers provided to other readers over the years. This piece is an excellent consolidation of answers that beginning and mid-career HR professionals look to for answers to their frequent questions. Bookmark so you can frequently visit.

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