Ashley Massaro Alleged Escort Service

Ashley Massaro
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Rolling Stone linked Ashley Massaro to an escort service called Bella Models. In my original coverage of the report, I got some dates mixed up. While the FBI had an agent join the club in 2006, the emails the FBI have seized in regards to Ashley date back to 2004. That is before she joined the WWE and after she began her association with Playboy under the name of Ryan MacKenzie.

As far as the speculation that there is another Ashley Massaro, the author of the story, Vanessa Grigoriadis, stands by her work. The author of the piece told Mike Johnson of "Obviously, I stand by my story. Massaro is named in an FBI search warrant that was executed on Michelle Braun's property in October 2007. I have no knowledge of another woman by the same name."

Jason Powell of was able to find archived web pages for Bella Models. There are no photos on these pages so they are relatively safe to view for those wary of seeing such sites. The page for Ashley Massaro lists her travel fee as $25,000 while the main roster page for the escorts doesn't include Ashley.

Having reread the article I was left with two major questions. The Rolling Stone article claims that Bella Models was created in 2005 after a company called Exotica 2000 was shut down. If the company wasn't created until 2005 then how did the company make travel arrangements for Ashley in 2004? I was also wondering about whether the name Ashley Massaro or Ryan MacKenzie was used? Vanessa Grigoriadis, the author of the Rolling Stone article, was kind enough to answer these questions for me.

"Well, Nici was operating an escort business before Bella Models--and the investigation by the FBI, as far as I know, is not limited only to Bella Models. I am sure that much is known about Massaro's involvement by the FBI, but all that is public at this time is one alleged incident from 2004. She is mentioned under the name 'Ashley Massaro' in the search warrant."

The big questions I think that are on the mind of wrestling fans at this time is whether the allegations are true and whether the alleged activity continued during the WWE tenure of Ashley. At this point, this appears to be a story that will take several months to play out. As more details come out, I will continue to update the site.