Ashley Madison Review by a Real Woman

Love them or hate them, Ashley Madison has a well-known reputation for one of the first "dating" sites that focuses on helping people cheat. I've reviewed Ashley Madison myself, however readers have clamored for years, asking for a real-world review from a female that had used, and succeeded, in meeting at least one person from the site for an affair.

What follows is one woman's experiences, where she was a member for a little over a year. I've only edited it for clarity, added some headings, and grammar.

How Was Your Experience?

I have had two longer term affairs and I met both guys on AM. I can tell you that the vast majority of men on AM don't know how to use the site and that's why so many men are dissatisfied with it. So gentlemen, here are some tips for success.

Only Men Can Pay for Ashley Madison

Women have NO ability to buy credits. The site is 100 percent free for us. The male/female ratio is greatly skewed. Think how much fewer women would be on there if we had to pay. So please no whining about collect messages. if you send us a message then the message we send back will be collect. I strongly believe that AM has fake women on there who send out "paid for" messages to men. These are not real women!

It's All a Bit Much For Us Ladies

Upon signing up for AM, women are overwhelmed by messages.This is why blind requests for our key, winks and admirer messages are generally ignored. Why would we waste our time with those when we have messages from 10 men who have written notes and communicated with us. You have to stand out! Write a cute message..something that disguises yourself.

Wait Before Asking for Pictures

Don't demand to see our private showcase early on. Women on this site are married and many have children. It's a safety issue! I sent about 5 messages back and forth with my two affairs before sharing my key

I don't care how well endowed or how proud of your manhood you are, please do not send photos of your penis or photos of you having sex. Photos taken from your cell phone of you standing in front of a mirror, bare chested in a public restroom or in your home are not attractive and kind of creepy. Photos of you in your every day setting are great! Do you bike? Ski?

Be Patient, Honest and Forthcoming, In Every Way

If you are lucky enough to arrange a meet, don't be overly aggressive or eager. It's kind of pathetic. Hopefully you didn't lie about your age or weight or anything else. I met one guy who was clearly 10-15 older than he claimed to be.

Be patient! Women get many messages, so it takes a while for us to answer you. It took my current friend 9 months to meet me!

What Women Really Want?

Women on AM are usually looking for more than just sex. They want a "friend with benefit" type of relationship. An AFFAIR versus a one night stand, quick hookup, casual encounter. There are other sites specifically geared toward these type of encounters. If you just want to get laid, then AM is probably not the right site for you.

Where To Avoid Spending Money

Don't waste your money on the "traveling man" option. I would think most women find those requests offensive. I deleted them without reading.

What does Ashley Madison offer its members? 

A generally safe way to meet other married people looking to have an affair. My husband has issues that prevent him from being intimate. This site allowed me to find a special friend with benefits.

What was the Ashley Madison's Customer Service like? 

I called them twice and I think they were surprised to hear from a happy, woman customer. They are very nice and answered my questions.

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