Must Read Articles for Parents of Toddlers

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Must Read Articles for Parents of Toddlers

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Parenting a toddler? These articles for parenting toddlers including getting them to sleep in their own bed, tips for getting them from taking their diaper off, potty training secrets, how we raise cranky toddlers, strategies for dealing with tantrums, and ideas to help keep them occupied are our most popular. We realize that raising toddlers can be a challenge and these articles can help!

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How We Raise Cranky Toddlers

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Most kids, especially when they are toddlers, have legitimate reasons for melting down. The key as a parent is finding out what the trigger is, and avoiding it. Being mindful of these triggers and giving them consistent attention, a lot of affection, and a routine goes a long way in helping to foster a happy toddler.

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Secrets of Potty Training

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If you are ready to start thinking about potty training your toddler, these tips will help you determine if your child is ready, what might be the best method for you and your child, and in the end you'll see that potty training isn't as daunting a task as it may seem, if you begin prepared.

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Ideas to Keep Your Toddler Occupied

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Even though keeping your toddler occupied seems like a dauntless task, there are ways to keep babies and toddlers occupied in safe and happy pursuits so that mom can get things done. Providing opportunities for them to work out their muscles and practice their motor skills is easier than you may think! Find some great ideas to keep your toddler occupied that do not include swings, activity centers, and the TV.

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Strategies for Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

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Even though toddler tantrums are normal, they are never pleasant or timely. The good news is that there are ways that we can deal with temper tantrums to make them less stressful! You will find ways that work best for calming down our children when they have a breakdown.

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Tips for Getting Your Toddler to Sleep in Their Own Bed

Todler girl (2-3) sleeping on bed
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Getting your toddler to sleep in their bed can be a challenge! We found, however, that with a few modifications, getting a toddler to sleep in his bed could be achieved quickly.

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Tips to Stop Your Toddler From Taking off His Diaper

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If you have a toddler that isn't quite ready to potty train but won't keep his or her diaper on, then you are not alone.