'Army Wives' Season 3 Overview

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Army Wives
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In "Army Wives" season 3, Denise breaks up, then gets back together with Frank; Claudia Joy deals with diabetes; Roxy gets pregnant; Pamela breaks up with Chase, and Joan gets deployed.

Denise Gets a Second Chance

Frank is crushed when he learns of Denise's affair and takes on a dangerous mission. Denise is beside herself with worry. After the mission, Frank is sent home to deal with his marital issues and the two decide to divorce. But, love wins in the end and they begin dating each other, and get back together.

Michael makes it very clear that he is disgusted by Denise's actions, but forgives her when she saves Claudia Joy after an accident.

Jeremy Struggles with a Death

Jeremy is deployed. While in Iraq he is saved by a dog, which he names Lucky and sends back to the states. Jeremy's best friend over there is killed just after he and Jeremy switch places on a convey and Jeremy feels incredibly guilty. He goes home, but his depression grows when he finds Lucky but realizes that the LeBlanc family has taken in the dog. He gets out a gun, and as Denise and Frank return home from an evening out, they hear a gunshot.

Claudia Joy Faces Diabetes

While driving herself and Denise to a spa, Claudia Joy loses control of her car. She is badly injured and Denise takes care of her until the paramedics arrive. At the hospital, they run tests and determine that Claudia Joy is diabetic. Claudia Joy has a hard time adjusting to her new diet and injections, but most of all she struggles with not wanting anyone to know. She continues her fast-paced life taking care of others until she collapses. Denise encourages her to tell their friends and she finally does.

Emmalin Deals with the Loss of her Sister

Emmalin has a rough time, especially with her relationship with her father. She comes to terms with the loss of her sister when an Iraqi girl comes to live with them for a short time while awaiting surgery. Haneen had lost her family in a bombing, which brings up feelings of Emmalin's loss of her sister.

Roxy Misses Trevor

Trevor takes a job as a recruiter so that he will be home for three years without getting deployed. Roxy is overjoyed until she realizes that they never see Trevor because he is so busy and under so much pressure to get recruits. Trevor pressures her into having a baby, but she resists. She finally gets excited about the prospect of having a child with Trevor.

Big Changes for Finn

Roxy goes to a school meeting because Finn is acting out in class. The teacher suspects that Finn needs extra help, but when they get him tested they find out that he is advanced and is acting out in class because he is so bored. Roxy works to get him into a new school and Trevor works to pay for it. TJ gets jealous of all the attention Finn receives, so Trevor takes him on a special fishing trip.

Pamela Kicks Chase Out

Pamela catches Chase in a lie and realizes that he would rather be doing other things than hanging out with his family. He denies it and she wonders what else he has lied about. Chase makes it up to them by promising a vacation​ but then signs up for a class in Colorado. She tells him that if he goes, they won't be there when he gets back.

Roland Starts a New Job and Joan Gets Deployed

Roland takes a job as the partner of an off-post therapist. Trevor disappears, though, because of trouble with the police. Roland does everything he can to make Joan feel better when she is upset about getting deployed and missing Sarah Elizabeth's milestones.

Moving On

After the car accident, when she took care of Claudia Joy, Denise decides that she wants to be an EMT. Frank is behind her and she begins training.

Claudia Joy takes control of her diabetes.

Roxy gets pregnant, and Finn goes to a new school.

Pamela moves herself and the kids out of Chase's house.

Roland tries to figure out what happened with his partner, and Joan makes frequent calls for updates on Sarah Elizabeth.