'Army Wives' Season 2 Episode Guide

Army Wives' season 2 brought us the aftermath of the Hump Bar bombing, a new baby, a drunk mother, a stalker, a new boyfriend, and an attempted rape.

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2x1 "Would You Know My Name"" (OAD 6/8/08)

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Everyone struggles in the aftermath of the Hump Bar bombing. Roland is badly injured and after spending a few days in the hospital, Joan takes him home.

Pamela feels guilty because she knew that Marilyn needed help and instead of helping her, she gave Marilyn her car keys. Marilyn went to the Hump Bar. Her husband showed up with a grenade and pulled the pin. Many people were injured, and some died.

Denise is injured, but continues working because the hospital is short on staff.

Roxy is beside herself because she'd expected to hear from Trevor. Joan tells her that their flight was delayed and that he is fine.

Claudia Joy takes Amanda to college where Amanda says goodbye. Claudia Joy wakes up in a hospital bed and knows that Amanda has died.

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2x2 "Strangers In a Strange Land" (OAD 6/15/08)

Michael and Claudia Joy fight in their grief. Emmalin asks if she can stay with Denise, but comes home when she realizes she can't cry there.

Claudia Joy has a breakdown at the PX when she loses Emmalin.

Trevor sends Roxy and the boys a letter and Frank calls Denise.

Chase comes home and says that he understands how Pamela feels when he's gone because this time, he'd heard her car was at the Hump Bar and they didn't have a list of the casualties yet.

Joan goes to terminate the pregnancy, but decides to keep the baby.

Betty is going to be transferred to the county hospital, but Roxy gets her an extra week and then says that Betty is moving in with her.

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2x3 "The Messenger" (OAD 6/22/08)

With the help of Finn's imaginary friend, Claudia Joy reaches out and reconnects with Emmalin and Michael.

Emmalin doesn't feel safe on post because the bomber was wearing an Army uniform, just like so many people on post. Roland talks to her while they play basketball and Emmalin begins to feel better and then starts bringing friends by to talk to Roland.

Denise takes care of Mac, a patient in the hospital who lost his legs. They talk of motorcycles and he wishes he had a beer. She sneaks him out of the hospital and gives him a six pack. When he leaves to go to another hospital, he leaves her his new motorcycle.

Betty admits that the reason she says she doesn't like kids is because she was never able to have any of her own.

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2x4 "Leaving The Tribe" (OAD 6/29/08)

Michael considers retiring because he doesn't want to send soldiers to war, but after talking to Claudia Joy, he reconsiders.

Betty gets her insurance check and asks Roxy to rebuild the Hump Bar.

Roland tries to get a job as a school counselor, but there are no positions available. He is hired as a temporary English and GED teacher.

Joan doesn't want to tell her troops about her pregnancy because she is afraid they will lose respect for her, but when she tells them, they give her a standing ovation. She has just entered the second trimester.

Trevor is shot in the shoulder and calls Roxy to tell her he's coming home.

Denise rides the motorcycle on the advice of a doctor she'd just met, Getty.

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2x5 "The Hero Returns" (OAD 7/6/08)

Trevor comes home to hero's welcome, but doesn't feel he is a hero. He shot the guy on instinct and worries that even though the guy did have a gun, Trevor hadn't been sure when he shot.

Frank is still concerned with Denise changing while he's away and puts her motorcycle for sale online. They fight, then Denise says she'll sell the bike. He says to do what she wants.

Denise rides the bike out to a diner and Getty shows up. He gets a call of multiple injuries and they go to leave, but her bike is out of gas. He tells her to hop on the back of his and she is reluctant, but he says they need them at the hospital and to hurry up. At the hospital, a woman is intrigued to see Denise get off the back of Getty's bike.

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2x6 "Thicker Than Water" (OAD 7/13/08)

Joan's replacement begins work, even though she's only in her second trimester. She doesn't think much of Connor, and even less when he shuts down Pamela's radio show. Michael tells Connor that if he wants to do anything like that again to run it by Joan.

Pamela gets a job offer to work at a radio station in Atlanta, but turns it down.

Denise tells Getty that they can't be friends anymore because people are talking, but she does end up going to breakfast with him after Frank says that he let her be a nurse and will let her keep the motorcycle. She is surprised that he put it that way.

Betty decides to go into cancer treatment in California and become a silent partner in the bar. She gives Roxy the other half of the bar.

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2x7 "Uncharted Territory" (OAD 7/20/08)

Roxy re-opens the Hump Bar as Betty's. Claudia Joy tries to go, but can't bear to walk in. Later she does go in with Emmalin.

Joan is still having trouble with Connor and tells Roland that she doesn't even want to wear her maternity uniform because of him. He tells her that when Connor pushes instead of pushing back, she should pull and knock him off balance. After Connor forces her to go home after eight hours, she makes sure there is lots of extra work that he needs to finish.

Emmalin wants to hang out with Jeremy but he is upset that she seems happy even though her sister is dead.

When Jeremy surprises Denise at work, she walks away with him without introducing him to Getty.

Joan and Roland are having a girl.

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2x8 "Loyalties" (OAD 7/27/08)

Roland helps a gay student and is fired for inappropriate behavior because he had the door closed while they spoke. She confesses that she is gay, which keeps her out of West Point, but gets Roland his job back. Roland and Joan ask Michael and Claudia Joy to be their daughter's God parents.

Chase is taken to jail and when he gets out, he tells Pamela that he was working undercover and was arrested so as not to raise suspicion.

Roxy fires a waitress who hits on Trevor. The waitress files a wrongful termination case, but Claudia Joy helps Roxy out of it.

Denise avoids Getty, then tells him how she feels. He feels the same way. After they lose a patient, Getty kisses her and she kisses back, then runs out.

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2x9 "Casting Out the Net" (OAD 8/3/08)

Denise calls in sick for several days to avoid Getty. Jeremy gets taken to jail because of drugs found in his bag, but he is let off after his roommate confesses that they are his. Getty tells Denise that he can't bear to see her this way and he's getting another job. He asks her to meet him at the diner one last time. She says yes, but in the meantime, Frank calls. She sends a text to Getty that she can't make it. As she's leaving the hospital, he is brought in after a bad accident.

Emmalin begins dating a boy named Quinn after he meets her parents.

Roxy signs up for Roland's GED course.

Trevor is assigned to Joan as her driver.

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2x10 "Duplicity" (OAD 8/10/08)

Frank comes home and Denise is not there to meet him because she's at Getty's bedside. She hurries home. That night when they make love, Frank notices that she is different. The next day, he sees her holding and kissing Getty's hand. Soon after, Getty dies.

Pamela's begins hanging with a new friend, until she tries to kiss Pamela.

Roxy notices that Trevor is out of pain medication two weeks before he's due for a refill.

Emmalin suspects that her boyfriend is the one getting drugs from a soldier and selling to high school students. She turns him in to the MPs and they search his car, finding enough drugs to be considered a dealer.

Connor continues to do things behind Joan's back when she's put on bed rest.

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2x11 "Mothers and Wives" (OAD 8/17/08)

Frank asks Denise why she's covering her motorcycle and she says because she used to ride with Getty. She tells him about the kiss and he leaves. When he returns, they agree to marriage counseling.

Claudia Joy's mother drops in. Claudia Joy finds out that her father, whom she thought could do no wrong, gambled all their money away and her mother left her father.

Trevor sees a doctor off post and gets more pain meds. The doc says to cut back on the rehab and Trevor says he will.

Roland tells Roxy that she failed her GED test, but he thinks she has a problem with written tests and gives her an audio test, which she easily passes.

Roland helps a kid whose father died in combat.

Trevor helps Roland put together a crib.

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2x12 "Great Expectations" (OAD 9/7/08)

A man named Tim begins calling Pamela at the station and then she gets flowers from him. When he calls the station again she talks to him off air and tells him not to contact her again or she will call the police. He orders her a drink at Betty's and then later breaks into her house. The MPs thinks she is paranoid because Chase is gone.

Denise and Frank go to a marriage counselor and Denise says that she wants a separation. Frank says that she has to tell Jeremy, but when she is about to tell him, he tells them that he will deploy in the 3 days, so they don't tell him.

Claudia Joy finally believes that her father has a problem when she learns that he asked Emmalin for $10,000 from her college fund.

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2x13 "Safe Havens" (OAD 9/14/08)

Pamela's stalker gives Katie a rose to give to her mother at the park.

Roxy confides her worries about Trevor's drugs to Roland and he tells Joan, concerned for her safety with Trevor as her driver. Joan reassigns Trevor to a desk job and Trevor gets angry with Roxy and leaves. He wakes up in the car after hitting a fire hydrant and a tree.

Joan has a hemorrhage and they deliver the baby by C-section early. The baby is only five pounds, but doing well. Joan is not out of the woods yet.

Denise and Frank send Jeremy off to Iraq and then talk about the terms of their separation. They agree not to tell Jeremy until he is back home.

Claudia Joy and Michael host a dignitary who tries to rape Claudia Joy when Michael is not home.

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2x14 "Payback" (OAD 9/21/08)

Claudia Joy is shaken after the attempted rape, but won't let anyone help her. Denise insists and Claudia Joy finally breaks down.

Joan recovers and gets to meet her daughter, whom they name Sara Elizabeth.

Roxy tells Trevor how scared she was and he says he dented the car and he will never take pills again. But then, he steals some from Joan's hospital room. When the boys tell Trevor that they want to be like him except for when he's crabby, he tells Roxy about the stolen pills.

Pamela figures out that the man next to her at Betty's is her stalker and she tells Roxy to call the police and then takes him down.

Denise rents a vacation home and the women all visit her there.

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2x15 "Thank You for Letting Me Share" (OAD 10/5/08)

Jennifer Connor, Colonel Evan Connor's wife, comes to the post and Claudia Joy invites her to join the FRG. At the meeting, Jennifer tries to take over. Jennifer later talks badly to Pamela and Roxy about Claudia Joy and then goes behind their backs and does her own FRG calendar.

Pamela is so happy when Chase comes home and she tells him about the stalker.

Roxy is overwhelmed dealing with Trevor's problems, even though he's getting better. She begins going to meetings.

Denise gets a tattoo that means beautiful mistake.

Roland's mother comes for a visit and Joan is happy for the help, but Roland gets tired of her remarks.

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2x16 "Transitions" (OAD 10/12/08)

After planning Lucas' birthday, Chase is called away on a mission, but Trevor is able to get him to the party.

Trevor is worried that he'll have to leave the Army and starts looking into ranches in Wyoming. Roxy is at first upset, but after she talks to Betty decides she can go to Wyoming. Betty tells her that she's pool side, but really she is in the hospital.

Claudia Joy convinces Michael to make up with Denise.

Jennifer continues to try to run things at the FRG and also stirs things up between Emmalin and her parents. She encourages Emmalin to see a 19 year old soldier.

After looking for a nanny, Roland decides he will stay home with Sara Elizabeth.

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2x17 "All in the Family" (OAD 10/19/08)

Claudia Joy convinces Roland and Joan to go on a date and leave Sara Elizabeth with them. Joan is nervous, so Roland orders to go, but when they get home, they see through the window that Sara Elizabeth is fine and they eat at their picnic table.

Marta comes with her fiance, and when over $300 is stolen from Betty's, Roxy accuses her, but it turns out it was her fiance.

Mac comes back to talk to others who have lost their legs. While listening to him speak, Denise ignores a call from Frank.

Michael convinces Claudia Joy to let Emmalin date Logan.

Pamela helps out at Betty's.

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2x18 "Departures, Arrivals" (OAD 10/26/08)

Joan cries when she has to leave her daughter behind and return to work.

Marta dumps her fiance. She is at the bar when Roxy gets the news that Betty died and Marta gets jealous with the way Roxy talks about Betty. She wants to drink, but Trevor talks her out of it and she goes with him to an AA meeting. Roxy is very proud of her and calls her mom.

Denise and Mac go out a few times and end up in bed. Overseas, Frank hooks up with a woman he works with.

Pamela gets in trouble with the other parents when Katie shares her knowledge of where babies come from.

Michael gets a promotion and tells Claudia Joy and Emmalin that they are moving to Brussels. Emmalin is devastated.

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2x19 "Last Minute Changes" (OAD 11/2/08)

Claudia Joy tells her friends that her family is being relocated to Brussels. Claudia Joy has a hard time packing up Amanda's room, so Denise helps her.

Betty's nephew comes to the bar and wants to buy Roxy's share, but Roxy says she won't sell. Trevor is pushing her to get pregnant.

Mac decides to stay to be with Denise, but when his ex-girlfriend comes back, Denise can see that he is going to be with her.

Pamela gets fired from her radio show after upsetting working mothers.

The new Post Commander makes Connor Deputy Garrison and tells Joan that she will soon be deployed to Iraq.

When it's time to leave, Claudia Joy goes to get Emmalin, but she had run off with Logan.